Chimi Eyewear: New Sunglasses Brand from Stockholm

We wrote a few weeks ago about TBD Eyewear as of the season launched in Sweden and today we will look at another option of sunglasses for summer. It is a Stockholm-based Chimi Eyewear last week launched its first collection of colorful bows at affordable prices.

Chimi is a newly established Stockholm-based sunglasses brand. Their hallmark is tone-on-tone and they express themselves by mixing colorful, transparent frames in acetate with a characteristic mirror glass. The lenses are polarized and 100% UV protective.

The brand was founded by two childhood friends Charlie Lindstrom and Daniel Djurdjevic as both felt there was a gap in the Swedish market in this area.

“In my work as a stylist means a great responsibility and I felt limited by the supply of the market. Imagine trying to create a perfectly unique look but lack options, especially when it comes to color in sunglasses. ” -Charlie Lindstrom

“As a young guy in his early twenties I experienced a daily problem. I wanted to combine my colorful and a bit wacky wardrobe tone-on-tone with a perfect pair of sunglasses at The problem was that I could not find any apart from low quality options on Ebay or copies from the promenade in Venice. ” -Daniel Djurdjevic

The goal is to create color in the classic shape that looks good at all without compromising quality. Because you are not wearing the same color of clothes every day, we wanted our glasses would be affordable enough to afford more than a few.

Chimi Eyewear is available in the models #001 and #002 distributed throughout 9 colors with a price of 800 dollars apiece.

Model 001 in shade Lychee.

Shade Mango with oljeglas.

Glasses with matching box.

The color Aqua photographed in the water.

Model 002 in color Kiwi.

Color Coco goes in a more subtle tone of Brown.

Close-up of the models.

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