Check the Vintage Cat Eyes Sunglasses

After the glasses in the shape of cat’s eyes wore Marilyn Monroe and as they are at the top of popularity among women worldwide. Who does not want to stress her femininity to disarm cat tenderness and cunning? Girls who wear glasses this form can be found on the street, on the beach, at a party. Often, large representative of women who follow fashion. It should be noted that accessory decades remains the favorite and universal representatives of classic and informal styles.

Glasses “cat’s eye” – Varieties and Characteristics

The model has a top and slightly tapered top outer corner is the main feature of all its varieties.
Eyeglass frames “cat’s eye” may have its own version: “The Aviator” “Dragonfly”, “Drop”. They are different and the colors – is quite familiar – black, brown, white. There are bright colors orange, red, blue, one of the models glasses of “Cat’s Eye” in the company, for example, glasses, lenses are framed horny frames. Traditionally emphasizes see top predator pointed straight line.
Improvement is an attribute not only of fashion, but also those who want to protect their eyes from the bright sun for people with vision problem. Points “cat’s eye” view of the opportunity to look stylish and efficiently improve their lives. Astigmatic lens or inserted into fashion frames, correct impaired and will contribute to creating a modern image with uv protection.

Sunglasses “cat’s eyes” will save your eyes from UV light and added mystery of their owner. Almost all well-known companies that produce glasses that form or options.

To Go Eyeglasses “Cat’s Eye”?

Accessory, suitable for almost all types of people. They are especially girls face (forehead and a pointed chin, pronounced cheekbones) and narrow. Not always cat eyes look good on a wide face.
Buying such details wardrobe is necessary to choose the color of frames and lenses. Transparent lens correction of vision. Solar lenses with different colors – depending on what they prefer owner shade. Points bright frame will seem extravagant, but is not suitable for everyday wear. Decoration with a small diamond will provide fans but it would be appropriate to specific clothing. Sound settings brownish-black elect those who appreciate the classics in the genre.
To wear glasses “cat eyes” will need to consider very carefully. They will be combined with the dress in the style of the 50s – the time when they were created. Not bad and they will look with costumes from the 70s. Vintage image of clothing 30s.
These women who are glasses “cat’s eyes” can complement their appearance cervical or head scarf, make-up lips bright lipstick, make a pony. Remember the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Catherine Deneuve, and you will rise an example of how and what to wear this accessory.
Fashionable Accessory 

Sunglasses “cat’s eyes” is now considered retro. However, they are constantly on top of popularity.Wearing glasses of this form – not to get things out of the closet to his mother. They are used with ultra-modern things and office dress code.
Woman coquette, a woman “with a twist”, a mysterious and unique woman, just each of the fairer sex should have in their arsenal glasses that form. They will look perfect at work and on the beach will attract the attention of others and to protect the eyes complement the style and make a memorable image.

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