CFL Fluorescent Lamp

The lamp CFL fluorescent or even called low-energy is a lighting system that was invented in order to achieve energy savings. Following the halogen bulbs, they were a real revolution with consumption reduced by 4 to 5 times!

What principle of operation?

A CFL is a bulb composed of a similar tube to type T5 or T8 fluorescent tubes or smaller. That is, their workings are identical.

The units of the bulbs transmit current to an electrode that produces electrons. They have mission to excite mercury which is désexcitant in will emit UV (ultraviolet) rays. In reflecting on the surface of the bulb, a white light is emitted. Indeed, the surface is covered with a layer of fluorescent.

CFL Fluorescent Lamp

This principle of light emission has long asked a heating time the bulbs. Lighting only at 60%, it had to wait 60 to 90 seconds to get the maximum brightness. Which is not practical in places like a corridor for example.

Today their ignition is instant! They are as efficient as halogen bulbs.

What types of bulbs are there?

There are various types of bulbs in this technology. Generally offered without globe, what are their tubes which are different:

We find bulbs with spiral tube, U-shaped, more or less great according to the powers. Sometimes even the minis tubes for small locations in fixtures.

For those with globes, there are pear shape bulbs, globe, spot, reflector, flame…

So aesthetics do not interfere with that of the luminaire.

Units of fluorescent lamp

Many units are associated with this technology. For lighting domestic: CFL E27, E14, GU10, GU5.3, B22, R7S, S19 fluo bulb…

But also for professional lighting: G24 2 pines/4 pines, E40, 2D, tube…

Everyone will find what he needs with this lighting.

Gadgets in bulbs

Some bulbs may be equipped with a timer embedded, movement detectors or twilight.

Others are also called bulbs full spectrum. They have the property of owning a very close light radiation of the Sun, radiation UV through the visible colors then the infrared. Of course everything is controlled in order not to dangerous daily exposure to these bulbs even with respect to the little ones.

The great advantage of these lights is to make very pleasant, comfortable spaces. They also have beneficial effects as limited to seasonal depression or insomnia.

CFLs are today widely used on the one hand because they allow a realization of economy of substantial energy and then by their attractive price. Their life expectancy is also very interesting, 6 000 to 12 000 hours according to Homethodology.

You will find brands like Ilight, development, which are very sharp lighting designers!