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Feng Shui Bathrooms

The en suite bathroom, being a space in which we managed and in which we deal with both our bodies and our minds, should inspire relaxation and well-being. Gives equal to be adept to long and relaxing baths, or showers fast and dinamizantes; our room bathroom must convey harmony.

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Walk in Leroy Merlin

This week I went to Leroy Merlin because I needed to buy a few things for my house. It’s been a while since I’d so enjoyed and photographed what’s cool there to decorate and organize the children’s room. Wrong who think that Leroy is just a huge store of construction material, has a lot of […]

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Dogs in Bed: Can Or Not?

That’s all you think about sleep, that your dog jumps on the bed, too? You have a habit of sleeping every night with your best friend? But, after all, that’s right or wrong? Check out some tips about it through this post!Let’s go?

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The so-called “flags” were exploratory movements (in both directions) that departed primarily from the current state of São Paulo (initially the captaincy of São Vicente) towards the interior of Brazil, in pursuit of gold and slaves. These movements lasted from the end of the 20th century. 16th until the beginning of the 21st century.18th.

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Cozy Garden Wedding in Summer

Small and cozy, but still very festive – that was the garden wedding of April and David.Because he is at the Air Force, the couple has also designed decorative details and given the wedding a very personal touch. Take:A beautiful home with a large garden, a smart tent and a summery wedding month – and […]

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Lighting For Winter Garden

In addition to providing a sophisticated and cozy look to the environment, the conservatory also helps keep air humidity indoors, soothes high temperatures and even filters out street noise.The good news is that it can be applied to varying sizes of residence, so everyone can integrate nature into the decor. However, this space must be […]