Casual Sweat Jackets

The fall is because… and unfortunately not only with beautiful, sunny autumn days (I still waiting for the Golden October), but also with much grey and rainy.

One of my new favorite parts shows that must be grey but not always a bad thing: A gray sweat jacket.

Clothes I grey find (it is as new black class anyway?  ) and have too much gray stuff. But always with something special, like for example a wild pattern or with a special cut.

This sweat jacket also has a special section.

Everywhere there is the hem that’s fuzzy looks-a beautiful contrast to the otherwise rather chic jacket cut. Moreover, the asymmetrical front, the ends are cut like pointy quasi.

As first styling proposal, I’ve combined the jacket just with a far cut T-Shirt. Extremely casual, super comfortable, yet the outfit has something.

Including a shirt, it is something more like a casual business outfit then. You don’t have to in a suit to the Office, this is a really good look to work.

Even if the jacket is not a classic jacket of, it works with a shirt including still chic and well dressed. My second styling proposal is nothing for a law firm or a bank branch, but for an agency or another Office job. The look but also perfectly fits the Sunday brunch with friends.

If there is still a beautiful sunny autumn and it is still warm, the jacket as a “Transition jacket” enough – terrible Wort…ich white.

What I find but really good when the sweat jacket is that it is a really trendy part, that could hang exactly like in a G-star store. Cool Street style, there is also up to a large size. In the hip but unfortunately never found shops, in large sizes. Therefore, I am really happy with this particular part and am very happy that there are more and more current trend parts from the latest collections on the market for us plus size men.

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