Canon IXUS 140 Reviews

Eight times zoom, solid display and Wi-Fi on board: How the Canon IXUS 140 in the class under 200 euros in the race.

Canon IXUS 140 Reviews

The Canon IXUS 140 is similar to the sister model of IXUS 135, only in the colors, the palette moves a little. Besides black and silver there is a deep wine red, to a rather strong pink rather than a strong blue. Size 95 x 56 x 21 mm is greater, but at the same time somewhat flatter than the IXUS 135a touch the digital camera. The soft lines in the corners flatter the hand here.

The operation of the Canon IXUS 140 is absolutely identical buttons recessed with the IXUS 135. the good pressure point so how the four-way button on the back of the camera to control the camera. The controls are flush with the surface of the camera on the small mechanical slide switch. Only the trigger is protected against accidental triggering by a slightly raised edge. The marking of all the controls is filigree but to recognize.


Contemporary display

The 3.0 inch display of the Canon IXUS 140 has 153.300 pixels and much more up-to-date than the small peephole of the IXUS 135. Unfortunately easy Garcia are also here at zoom function switched to or in dark areas of the image. Symbols shown on the display and text are clear and comfortable size.

The optical system is in turn identical to the IXUS 135: A practical eightfold zoom (28 mm to 224 mm KB) with rather moderate light intensity (the short focal length of 3.2 and the long 6.9). Compared to the predecessor model IXUS 125 , this is a proud extension from 120 to 224 mm (KB) in the tele range, but represents a marked loss in the wide-angle range opposite (28 instead of 24 mm). The macro mode of the Canon IXUS 140 offers a minimum focusing distance of 1 cm – we find this good.

Also the sensitivity range has shrunk in comparison to its predecessor with the IXUS 140. Instead of ISO 3,200 he ends up already at ISO 1,600, which is without any effect. To use the images are only up to maximum ISO of 400, but this is more. As the video formatis practical. The IXUS 125 could still full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, the IXUS 140 tackle only the small HD format 1280 x 720 pixels.

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Geo-tagging possible

The metal housing of the Canon IXUS 140 can be set and convenient especially for self portraits not only horizontally, but also vertically. The exposure is always fully automatic, apart from an exposure correction. For many filter effects are again on board, including a miniaturization. The Wi-Fi module is the IXUS 135, in addition to the connectivity it dominated also the geotagging in conjunction with an appropriately equipped smartphone.

Also the image quality remains the IXUS 140 at the level of 135. The marginal benefits of the measured values and the Visual evaluation of image – especially the vote is slightly firmer here – not sufficient to significantly reduce off. The image quality is exactly what you would expect from a camera of this price class. So no disappointment, but also no reason in Cheers to erupt.

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Review conclusion

The Canon IXUS 140 is a solid processed always in camera. She won the internal comparison with the IXUS 135 due to the significantly better displays.