Canon EOS-1 D X In The Test

The personal settings are unrivalled for wireless Flash, focusing and shooting. But the weight too: it goes back to the thick battery into the integrated Hochkantgriff with the second set of keys. Filmmakers do not use the, for a folding screen would be helpful.

But who is serious about the movies, find here great cinema. The camera blends very well with the powerful Canon-CN-E Prime lenses and zoom lenses, according to Only its large opening and the seamless, elegant sharpening and aperture control show what it’s about at the movies with small depth of field-and downgrade the photo optics to toys.

But the heavy and expensive optics need stable bayonet 1 d X, that she wears, but without the slightest. Since the camera despite the great hand grip is hardly easy to keep at least a shoulder stand is necessary.

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The camera can also boast a Photo optics. It is fully manually adjustable, missing only a continuous auto focus. Also strange:, Failed to spend a full-format image quality via the HDMI output.

While the film professionals connect like Extra recorder, the video live and uncompressed to spend. Probably the best recording quality of the 1 d makes obsolete almost 100 megabits of data transfer per second in which hardly is compressed X a such feature.

So, the connection of a high resolution viewfinder accessories specialists offer instead is recommended. The audio level of the microphone is well resolved, a Time code synchronization or remote control and data transfer via Ethernet feasible. Too bad: The monitor picture goes out, when the GPS function is started.

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Almost the same cinematographic skills as the 1 d X has the EOS 5 d Mark III at half the price, even if your sensor with more pixels produces more noise. Image sharpness, contrast, as well as the best Low light playconvinced, although the scenes worked very hard for this but all the plastic. Red something overwork, and the filmmaker must the contrast automatic off and turn the vignetting correction. 1A-Filme arise.

A camera for the best results, but only for professionals-both foto-and video. Amateurs and opportunity Maker does not make for the winner only a weight problem, they are also not happy without rig accessories, for example, because of the missing fold-out monitor.