But What Is Really Vintage? Now You Will No Longer Have Doubts

To start, I did what everyone does: “I gave a Google” to see what came up right away and found a good honest definition on Wikipedia, which says the following: “vintage is a former Portuguese term that refers to the well-known port. Currently the US want to buy this term. ” I found it curious that information, as soon as someone buys a term? And then they go buy the term and what it means? No one else will be able to use the word vintage? We’re going to have to pay royalties? I thought it was bizarre, if this story is even true.

But What Is Really Vintage Now You Will No Longer Have Doubts 1

Anyway, our friend Wikipedia also says: “However, over the years, the word has entered the vocabulary of fashion to better define a piece of clothing or accessory of a style that belongs to another time. The vintage is any piece that has at least 20 years and less than 100 years, from 100 years of play is considered antique.

But What Is Really Vintage Now You Will No Longer Have Doubts 2

And it is also important to know what is retro, which according to the same source “is considered an imitation of old style, only the piece is new. All new parts that mimic any previous Era is a retro piece. That in any sector, from the sets to the utilities “.
So, in the case of sets, we can say that absolutely all the clothes and accessories produced from 1995 until today are considered vintage? No, not quite!
For a piece to be vintage and fulfill the function of bringing the atmosphere of another era to your look with personality and beauty, that outfit or accessory needs, in addition to such 20 years old, have their own style or a designer. In addition, should not have gone through any processing and still represent a moment of your time fashion. And, of course, be in good state of conservation.

But What Is Really Vintage Now You Will No Longer Have Doubts 3
And, to my surprise, the three fashion dictionaries I have at home, two had no term because they are very old. So, here’s what I found: “originally used to designate the year or the vintage of wines, the term began to be used in sets in the years 1980 to striking clothing and accessories of other times used in the current repertoire.” 9 book, collection, complete Guide Sewing Mannequin-Clothes and accessories dictionary (ed. April). I did the editorial project of this collection, when I worked as the Chief Editor of the magazine dummy, and I assure you it was done with the utmost care and affection.

But What Is Really Vintage Now You Will No Longer Have Doubts 4
Just to illustrate vintage, I selected a few pieces (on sale at VintageinConfidential) that I’m proud to have found on my adventures in search of vintage quality. Until next time!