Bulgarians And His Snake Jewelry Collection

Friedrich Nietzsche believed that “the snake that cannot change his skin dies.”And so Bulgari has seen fit to prevent this adverse effect restyle a classic jewelry.

Snakes in the jewelry

Since the years ‘ 40, the snake was a privileged subject in bracelets and watches.Internationalized as the Snake, usually comes with a working tubogas: Gold Mesh stretch that entwines itself around your wrist.

La maison italiana Bulgari -now owned by French-aiming high as price range with the jewelry supplies of Snakes Collection.

The Bulgarian collection

Absolute dream Bulgarian version studded with diamonds and emeralds that hides in the jaws of the reptile a small but valuable watch. For a woman from the unmissable!

And so while the 2013 in the Chinese calendar is the year-guess what-the snake, Bulgari has seen fit to set up a retrospective exhibition in its New York Office. A revivalof objects and pictures of famous women who wore Bulgari serpents, from Elizabeth Taylor to Veruschka.

Let’s face it, the jewel made in Italy has always been the dream of women around the world.

For those who had not found New York flagship store on Fifth Avenue (the show is now over, alas), there is still a hope. The event has also inspired a book written by Marion Fasel, one of the world’s best-known historical jewel. Get ready: the book has arrived in Italy.

But let me be clear: is the clock the gift idea for your next birthday. And if someone does not agree, remind them what did Nietzsche to conclude his thoughts on death of reptile. “The same applies to spirits which prevents you from changing opinion: cease to be spirits.”

They say: long live the snake!

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