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Bulb Connected We Mo LED Smart Light Belkin Starter Pack

Completely autonomous and intelligent lighting, is the ambition displayed by the Belkin American through his WEMO bulb connected LED SmartLamp starter kit. Easy to install, this pack composed of two lamps and a WEMO Link module allows a control distance of each bulb connected. Learn in this article how this home automation kit allows you to optimize the comfort of home and automate it.

General presentation of the bulb connected WeMo LED SmartLamp kit

The bulb connected LED BELKIN WEMO starter pack consists of two smart LED light bulbs and a WEMO Link module. The latter can accept up to 50 bulbs and allows an individual control or group of lamps.
Each bulb connected included in the pack is designed with an A19 format and must be installed in a pellet type E27 screw. The power consumed is only 9.5 W, with the guarantee of effective lighting that sweeps the room in which the connected LED bulb is mounted correctly. Life offered by the kit LED lamps is 25,000 hours.

The implementation of the lighting system is simple, practical and can be used for this purpose of the quick installation guide provided with the purchase. First, he must connect the WEMO Link module on an outlet. Feeding is done on a sector the characteristics of 220-240V for a frequency of 50 Hz. Then, you must download and install the application on a mobile device compatible WEMO (downloadable for free on the App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store).

For the device turns on, it is imperative to have a Wi – Fi router with Internet access nearby. The connected lamps will be able to join the module and can be controlled remotely via the dedicated app on Android, Apple or Kindle device.

Several possible applications with the SmartLamp LED starter kit

When the lighting is properly deployed – each bulb connected the kit is connected to the module, it is possible, from the application of WEMO, lighting, to turn off or Dim the light. You is an opportunity also to program schedules to LED bulbs illuminate. WeMo bulb connected LED BELKIN integrated starter kit a security feature allows you to simulate your presence when you travel and you want to make believe that you are at home.

Each connected LED bulb promises a warm and white lighting that approximates that of a 60W incandescent lamp. Most lamps LED WEMO lies in the fact that they consume only 9.5 W and promise a lifetime of up to 23 years.

Technical specifications

  • Format: A19
  • Nerve: nerve to screw E27
  • Input power: 220-240V, 9.5W, 80 mA, 50 Hz
  • Emission angle: 240 °
  • Outlet temperature (LED): 3000 K
  • Brightness of output (LED): > 800 lumens (equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb)
  • Sieving: < 5% total brightness (only controlled by ZigBee)
  • Efficiency: > 50 LM/w
  • Life expectancy: 25,000 hours L70
  • Required WiFi standard: 802.11n, 2.4 GHz
  • Communications: ZigBee running HA 1.2 with support for clusters “variable lighting” (Dimmable Light).
  • Compatibility: mobile terminal turning at least Android 4.0 iOS 5 and Kindle Fire 3.0.

The connected light bulb starter pack WeMo LED Smart Light BELKIN is for sale on the e-store Baker.

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