Bridal Gown Collections

Today, we are once again in the day dream mode. Oh, the wonderful were to marry again. And in the atelier of Victoria ruffle in Cologne this wedding dresses to look at and admire. Already on photos, the creations look gorgeous.

Five models were designed for the current collection. And not hard to find: the ladies who like back snippets. It is also fully in line with the trend.

Victoria ruffle says they have inspired in the design of their customers, who were looking for fine fabrics and special cuts.

But tell me, dear Victoria:

How Can The Bride In Spe Prepare, Before She Come To You In The Store?

“Brides who visit us need bring nothing but anticipation. We have sample shoes and accessories in all versions with us in the shop. Ideally flesh-coloured underwear can be wrapped up.”

Do You Have A Personal Favorite Look?

“I love special back snippets. Sure, we have placed much value in our own collection. Also, I find it important that a bride can move freely on her big day.That’s why we used chiffon very lightweight materials such as silk for our skirts.To do so a few fresh flowers in the hair, comfortable sandals on your feet and go BB´s!”

What Makes The Perfect Dress For You?

“There is no patent recipe for the perfect wedding dress I think every bride must find for itself out in which cutting and material she feel comfortable. A good criterion for me is common, that the bride without assistance can use the toilet on their big day that means lightweight materials and no slips from many tulle layers;)

Thank you, dear Victoria, for the answers, and of course for the great clothes!

Another important information for you brides out there, before you get on the way to Cologne: all dresses are made by hand work in the Studio on the spot.

We like at least as good as deep back snippets.