Book Review: Guido Maria Kretschmer – Attraction

He love Guido – now he has brought even a book out!

Who Queen closed it as I since shopping in his heart coming cannot be to absorb this book in which Guido in addition to styling tips especially anecdotes told for 10 different types of character from his life as a designer.

Nice little stories of encounters with his clients, models, and acquaintances.

Little new there is in terms of styling tips. 10 types of figure I had the hope to find out more, but ultimately, these tips are known.

Overall, this book provides an entertaining reading fun who kidnapped us readers into the private realm of neither customers of various stripes.

There’s the fat women, time as a Board, sometimes as Elf, times as well stocked or the perfect model split his time with the Guido.

In this meeting, in the home of his clients who is designing his clothes on the body were, he met the colorful bodies of women and through the task to create a piece of clothing for this body, he learned also much about the special characteristics and allowing broadcasting this type of figure.

Nice I think Guido that he brilliantly realizes what a woman more beautiful appearance, whether it’s fashion, make up or hairstyle. He looks like behind the facade and discovers the beauty hidden in it (sometimes hidden) in every woman.

We women like to deny us these benevolent looks, therefore a (gay) man is perfect to watch.

This has been already Harald Glööckler. He would like to see the Princess in every woman.

Guido Wants To See In Every Woman A Stylishly Dressed Figure That Enchants Everyone.

That’s why so many women love this designer. You know that this look first and foremost is benevolent, loving and supportive. Any criticism is constructive. Nothing escapes him, but he sees us behind our facade. The dear women!

Guido’s love is very charming to textile. She is everywhere evident. He is just a very sensual man who is entranced by the Clunk of the sewing machine foot and the case of a silky material.

Guido lives and breathes textile!

I noticed when reading, that I get a little cheeky, with some bawdy slogans to schmeißenden Guido of shopping Queen Miss. GMK of Tamer, still prefer soft flush sounds in the book.

Are Also Tips For Curvy Women In The Book?

Total 10 figure types of women are described and discussed.

The first three: Board, Elf and perfect are not probably, but the by all something to much woman, the puffer fish, the Meerkat and the Buddha girl we come to train. A few tips for women with large breasts and much upper body can be found also in other chapters and on the site of

I can sign some of his tips, others are too general and not always correct in my view. As always with styling tips not to be stuck in a drawer and unchecked to take advice woman must watch.

The body size is usually not considered. Who recommends a thick woman (no matter with what proportions) Maxi dresses or floor-length skirts, think of big, long women. Where this may look, small women disappear in . It does nothing for it!

The Bottom Line Of The Book

Learn your body know and appreciate

emphasize the advantages, and the glance away from not so perfect

care, arrange and cleanse you and your fashion

Fashion should be fun. It is an expression of your personality and individuality

rather invest in exclusive fine as made for you in hordes of cheap Tand pieces


Guido-fans will love the book because its adorable charming way in every paragraph comes across. It said little new in terms of questions of style and styling tips. Woman can expect more for the price from 17.95 euros The last few pages about materials science and the wardrobe tips muck out are known to read anywhere. So unnecessary.

The one or the other tip stuck perhaps in the end the feeling that the fewest women are perfect and each should live their uniqueness and celebrate.

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