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Boeing Creates Smartphone That If ‘ Self-Destruction ‘ Case Be Violated

Created for secret communications, the appliance deletes data and programs, if it is dismantled, and encrypts messages

United States-Boeing created a smartphone targeted for covert communications. In addition to encrypt calls and messages, it automatically erases all your data and programs if someone tries to open it to move in his plays. Known for its planes, the company said that the product is being made to help companies and organizations to have “reliable access to data to perform their missions”.

Named Black, the appliance is part of a new wave of high-security smartphones that are coming to market. At Mobile World Congress, the mobile industry event held annually in Barcelona, Spain, was shown one of these units, the Blackphone, aimed at consumers and businesses concerned about the security of your private data.

Boeing already provides secure communication networks to u.s. Government officials, including the President. The Black is not geared toward the consumer market-and haven’t had your price and release date announced.


According to the manufacturer, it took three years to develop it. For your creation, we used newly acquired knowledge by Boeing technology companies.

The smartphone has input to two chips, allowing you to switch between the governmental telecommunication networks and commercial. He brings a version of Google’s Android operating system, and a series of security programs created by Boeing. But the Black goes beyond the common cell in your hardware, which received improvements.

“None of its parts can be replaced or adjusted. If anyone tries to do this, the product is destroyed, “the company said in documents submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, its equivalent Anatel in United States.

“He is manufactured and then sealed with a very strong glue as well as screws get a protection on top to prevent that moves them and that any attempt to take it leave marks.”

According to the company, Black could be connected to read biometric sensors and satellites, as well as a solar panel and a spare battery.

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