Bobble Water Bottle With Filter

Two years ago-how time goes by-Bobble introduced you , a bottle with built-in filter that had just been marketed in the United States.

In Spain also takes some time in the shops, and taking advantage of my visit to Alimentaria 2012 I was offered one, I have been trying these days to let you know my impressions.

In the hand, it is the size of a small water bottle (its capacity is 385 ml.), Shaped like a guitar to be able to take it firmly. It is completely transparent and incorporates a filter with drinker, in a striking color-in my case, a very monkey violet-although there are many others.

But beyond its design, which is really attractive, the important thing is to know if the filter really works, and the water coming out of the bottle tastes better than the tap, which is what it really is.

Taste Test

The Valencia water-the tap, not the cocktail-is really hard. It has enough lime, and I would say a good amount of chlorine. Directly from the tap is a bit unpleasant to drink, although left lying on a glass bottle improves sensibly.

However, it does note the difference in flavor of the water filtered by the bobble bottle, or rather, the absence of flavor. It is lighter, it is less appreciated the lime and, above all, the chlorine, besides that disappears that final aftertaste so unpleasant that leaves the tap water.

As it could not be otherwise, and to make a test without being conditioned to know what I was drinking, I performed a blind tasting with my friends. In three glasses, I served one with the filtered water, and two with tap water, one still and one without rest, but I only asked them to identify each glass as tap water, or the bottle.

Most of them were right, especially since, although they initially doubted whether the water was one or the other, after trying the filtered water, the rest knew much worse, an unequivocal proof of its best taste. It’s a bit like when you see a television with more resolution, at first you do not notice much difference, but when you return to the old, the image seems significantly worse.

General Impressions

Besides checking if the taste of the water improved, there were other aspects of the Bobble bottle that I was interested in checking, such as the ease of drinking of the bottle, the durability of materials, the evolution of the filter, etc.

In the usability section, the Bobble bottle has points to improve. For example, the plastic is a little stiff, so when we are going to squeeze the water out, we have to do a lot more force than in other similar bottles-like bottles of sports. In addition, that extra force ends up leaving some marks in the bottle, like small folds, that although they do not see much, they dazzle a little.

In that line, we should also note that the amount of water that comes out when we drink is less than expected, so if we take it with thirst, a small feeling of frustration arises in us. Nothing serious, but enough not to recommend it if our intention is to accompany us while we play sports.

The cleanliness and durability of the plastic, on the other hand, if that has convinced me. After more than a month, it remains transparent, without discoloring even when exposed to the sun. They only slightly affect the appearance of the small stretch marks I mentioned earlier.

As for the filter, I have not yet used it enough to test its long-term effectiveness. It is the bottle that I leave in the bed at night, so in little more than two months I will have refilled no more than 60 times, far from the 300 that claims to last. So far, it continues to function as the first day, in fact, the tasting is performed after 50 uses.

Undoubtedly, and despite the small glitches, the bottle with built-in Bobble filter is a good choice if you live there where tap water has a bad taste. Its price and the filters is reasonable, about 11 euros the bottle, 13 the 500 ml, and a little more the jar. The filters, from 8.50 euros. In addition, it features a colorful design by the artist Karim Rahid, and both filters and jugs can be purchased on large surfaces.