Blue Nail Art Designs


In this guide, step by step, tell you how to realize a nail art with the blue. It is a process not too complicated and critical to the nails, given that it is crucial constantly take care of themselves. In fact the nails, have the function of protecting the soft tissues of the fingers, preventing fungi and bacteria the detracting.


Make sure you have on hand:

enamel blue

Dark blue enamel

flower stickers

black glaze


white enamel

We have to do first of all a premise, namely that the hands are an important calling card for each person, especially in social life. It is therefore essential to keep them in good condition, same speech, therefore, for the nails.

Starting the implementation of the procedure nail art, you will need to obtain a glaze that is light blue sky. Furthermore, it must also find a white enamel, as well as a transparent to be used as protection. After fixing their nails with the basic manicure, you should proceed with the roll out the blue enamel, making sure to cover the entire nail. With the help of the white enamel and a small brush, draw some small clouds, whereas two or three nails should be just fine.

Another idea to decorate their nails is to get the wholesale stickers for nails from Wholesaleably themed floral closely. Spread therefore the basis of blue enamel sky over the entire nail entirely covering it. Next, apply a flower on each nail. Wait a few minutes and cover with the transparent enamel protection.

For all those who instead love the simplicity in performing this type of technique, without having to resort to elaborate designs, the solution may be to apply as always the blue base covering entirely the nail. With a small brush, you can do minor points blacks, or the classic polka dots.

In this step we will speak instead of a decoration in 3D. To run it you will need: blue enamel, transparent, blue cargo, very thin brush, and finally some rhinestones. Start with the roll out the blue nail polish over the entire nail. Allow to dry before proceeding to avoid spoiling the job. With the thin brush and blue enamel, draw thin lines at the end of the nail, four left and four on the right that cross in the center. Let dry again. Now roll out the clear nail polish to the work carried out protection. Apply on a fingernail, the one you prefer, two rhinestones.


Never forget:

Let the glaze dry completely between coats.

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