We Are Looking for Love or Lust? We Have The Data… Really

The Valentine’s day It is one of those contemporary celebrations (though its origin is very far behind) that generates philias and phobias in equal parts: there are fans (#TeamSanValentín) and haters (#TeamEsUnInventoComercial). Be that as it may, the reality is that there are many couples who celebrate February 14 with “something special”. The chocolates and flowers are what really we want or prefer a night of…?

Love and romance vs. lust and passion

Lelo, a well-known brand of erotic products, conducted an international survey on the preferences for Valentine’s day. Love or lust? The results obtained on the Spanish sample indicate that 60% prefer love (Romance), while 40% choose a lustful evening for this night of the year. The Greeks, who tend to Excel in sex surveys, that ye may know it, are placed in a 33% love vs 67% lust (Ooooopa!). For its part, our neighbors the French, of course, have Paris and that mark the life, walk in a 77% love vs 33% lust (that’s “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?”) … rather little apparently).

In terms of the gender, the results really do not differ too much. In general (though there are some difference statistics) both men and women, they are unmarried, married, engaged or “ennoviados” they choose for the love from lust in Valentine, meeeeeenos men and women in open relationships, that distinguish this line: they point 50% love and 50% lust and them 29% love vs. 71% lust.

It really want “all”

While the romance seems to prevail on this date, plans which respondents chose for tonight do not rule out the “moment of passion”: a trio, make love in new places, delve a little into the BDSM world or a good session of erotic massage were the most cited options.

Although not tell us the survey as-is, it seems that most would prefer both, i.e., a romantic evening followed by a good sex session. Of course bad plan is not…

Are you going to celebrate Valentine’s day as a couple?

If you are #TeamSanValentín and want to take advantage of this day to innovate or give it all, two things to keep in mind:

  • Eye with the expectations. In this, as in everything, film, marketing, and human life have led us to forge an image a much peliculera of what should be a “true romantic” date. But life is not a movie (although sometimes the reality surpasses fiction), and this we forget: if daily we are immersed in the trabajo-casa loop and just spend time as a couple, if usually not much we innovate in bed or do enough, Hopefully not because the calendar says that today is February 14 the appointment that with which we dreamed, perfect and ideal, occur by magic, or that suddenly the flame of passion says “Hello, here I am for what you want”. This relationship and passion (which are so pretty) should work, every day also. But, you know what? It is worth.
  • Without pressure. If you were ultimately not very sexual to say does not make sense that “you have to do it” in Valentine Yes or Yes because “it touches” (as the Saturday-sabadete). Eliminate the pressure, good for nothing good. If you wish, perfect, long live life! But if the thing is a little tense no sense walking forcing nothing. Take advantage to talk of you, to be relaxed as a couple without the burdens of every day… or look, it can be a great time for a masajito of love: whether or not erotic what is certain is that you will like it, right?

Do you know what you want / actually expects your partner for Valentine’s day?

Dinner by candlelight? Bath covered with rose petals? Edible underwear? 7 hours of non stop sex? What about what you want this year? Oh, this I can not help, I or the most experienced expert, huge and serious survey or anyone really… no one aside from your same partner: If you want to know what would make you illusion, what fancy or what would make you 100% the best thing is, oh, surprise, that ask you directly!!

Often in consultation to hear statements of the type: “If I want my true partner should know what is what I like”. In these cases always ask: is not that much pressure? Where does store your amore crystal ball to guess what you want? It is clear that if we communicate well, if we know, we can have an idea of where the shots can go, but to hit, really, the best thing is to ask. And nothing happens! It’s not less magical as well! This idea is a myth about love and relationships, and usually do parejil pupa.

Have confidence with your partner, to say things openly, express your desires and needs is infinitely more sexy, intimate and marvelous walking playing “guess”, don’t you think?

The relationship of couple and passion must work with them every day, but that doesn’t make them less “beautiful”, romantic or true.

We think that all love can do and that is more than enough to go the couple cinnamon. But I have to say that no, it is not so. Falling in love perhaps, but that lasts what lasts. Why is Valentine or daredevil San, must take care of the couple and make things nice and cool together: Remember, on February 14 there is only one year, but your relationship there is the remaining 364 days. Putting primor.

Photos: Historias de San Valentin, honeymooners, Pexels.com

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