Valentine’s Day: Do It Love It or You Hate? It Ignore? It Become? There Are Many Ways to Live This Celebration and We Explain The Most Typical

After Christmas, it may be Valentine’s Day party that causes more conflicting feelings: from hives, passing through extreme hatred, obsession or carelessness to passionate love and debauchery of all types.

And of course, there are so many ways to take it as people in this universe. And we have identified a few types.

The deniers

Are those who spend Valentine’s, avoid it as best they can, or directly, they deny their existence no need to sing no rooster. But every year we put it is harder. An authentic Holocaust denier will have to work hard to avoid that the party not be take you ahead: don’t leave home on Valentine’s day or turn on the television, with the fear that you storm them a soppy film incredibly. Nor will come out for dinner or be with anyone.

The nostalgic

The worst Valentine’s are high expectations. Or the expectations, in general. And if you are one of those who have always celebrated Valentine’s day by a high and your new partner has rather passed topic sovereignly, you’ll find yourself in a situation that is quite tricky when your other half get home and find you without a piece of clothing and diving between balloons in the shape of heart and not have no pajolera idea of why it is happening all this.

The revisionists

Celebrate Valentine’s day but “in their own way”, as if they were paying homage to Frank Sinatra. Or as is if avergonzaran of letting ourselves be carried away by the reigning kitsch. Come now, there is nothing so do not enjoy it. Finally, life sometimes is grey and we arrived just to make ends meet, so why Miss the opportunity to dine out, drink a glass of wine and give a good achuchón?

The extreme Babosos

ES the feast of love without brakes and the leaky syrup. All by all, and without giving up anything, all very hollywodiense: teddy bears, chocolates, candles, balloons, cheesy, underwear red cards and if you can, not missing a jewel heart or Cupid’s arrow-shaped. Not suitable for diabetics.

The opportunists

Are those who take advantage of this day to get what he can not get if it is not in exceptional circumstances: linking without striving too. And is that Valentine’s day There is much despair in the environment. And expectations, we have talking about the expectations already, really? So you have to be careful, because you are on the loose some energúmenos willing to take advantage of a moment of weakness/loneliness/carpe diem.

The influencers

In the life of all good influencer, Valentine is a so great as new year showcase or that vacation that none of us can take. An excuse to leave the perfect that is his life, well documented as well smelling roses and how delicious that are Godiva chocolates (of course, yours are not supermarket). Not to mention, the Super which are in her new lingerie set.

The airconditioning

Yes, today is Valentine’s day and what? For the airconditioning It could be San Pedrín, San Clemente or San Seacabó. You’re like the living antithesis of Ted Mosby, the main character in how I met your mother. While he spends months planning this day, thinking about strategies to surprise his girlfriend, looking for the perfect gift, and organizing a dinner with candles and brass bands, you don’t. What’s more: is you or understand all the fuss that there are to your around. Maximum sloth.

And, of course, the haters

Anti-valentin couples have it clear: everything is an invention of malls and the Bilderberg Club. Moreover, they not told anyone what day have to prove his love, when they can do so at any time of the year (or not to do so, which leaves more profitable). Are allergic to bouquets of roses, chocolates and gas station brand new underwear that day.

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