Tinder: Speak with Four Users Who Were Engaged and No Longer

Do you remember 2014, when? everyone spoke of Tinder? Everybody. The boom continued and, for a time, it seemed that had revolutionized the way of meeting people, interact and have appointments. But… no. Various media have spoken in recent times that Tinder has died. In the absence of official data, what better to go to the users to find the reasons. We talked to four of those people that, until about a year ago lived stuck to the ‘slide to the left» / «slide to the right» and we have explained why they have sought life beyond Tinder.

“I got bored of so many lies and postureo”

L.M. confesses that it was quite hooked to Tinder until about six months ago. Now, he has even uninstalled the app on your mobile phone. The reason? “I ended up taking so much disgust that I spent sitting all day engaged to not be able nor see it. In recent times I always seemed the same, all the same: postureo, lies and much misunderstanding. I had a couple of good quotes, but otherwise, it was too much time lost in chat that did not lead to nothing».

«Life is new apps»

M.G., on the other hand, does not believe that the universe of online dating has died, but it is Tinder, which has been a little old fashioned. «I still have it installed on your phone, but every time I use it less». I’ve tried several app and it is as if fashion was going from one to another very fast. Right now, that more use is Down».

“I found a couple and… you don’t need it”

A.R. is a case of success of Tinder that has become you against PFP. He never used it for occasional appointments, but to find a partner, and did so in the second quote which concluded through the app. «The truth is that never the functioning of Tinder, I liked too it’s go through a gallery, as if we were won». I used it at a certain point in my life because he had much time without a partner and I wanted to try something new and… I guess I was lucky».

“It continues, but now we don’t talk about it”

P.R., on the other hand, gives us a different view. According to her, Tinder remains exactly the same as always, but, to have passed the novelty, not we talked about this. «I use it at the same rate as last year and that makes two. And many of my friends also. Of course, there are people who left him, but there are also people who joined. I don’t know, I think that, simply, it was a revolution when it started and we had it in the mouth all the time, but now it is already something everyday and not given so much importance».

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