There Is an Article That Can Help You to Have Orgasms… and Not What Think

Thanks to cinema, fashion, porn magazines (that nobody sees, ahem), the most famous parade of lingerie in the world and, ever more abundant, brands of lingerie cookies, all We have one image more or less defined what garments are “put and put us”: fasteners of thousand models, colors and fabrics, Suspender Belts, Nightgowns, panties (with holes, loops, lace, etc.), thongs… crazy. The offer for them is maybe more simple, although there are who dare to innovate and goes beyond the boxer or the slip.

Yes, this image is wonderful look it it where you look it, but… and if you say that according to a scientific study must something that can make you reach orgasm more easily than sexy lingerie According to the latest scientific study? It’s something we use to protect ourselves from the cool, absolutely unfavorable and even repudiated garments in the world of carnal passion: socks.

The reality is that they do not enjoy much popularity, rather on the contrary, because… how many times you’ve enfurrunado with your partner by having the same delicacy to a sponge and having dared to let them put while you manage it? How many times said you your love than those socks Hello Kitty print actually you “anti – put”?

Calm in the masses, science is on our side and brings us a study that will provide parejil peace, heat… and orgasms.

Socks increase the body temperature… and the sensual

A study of the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) concluded that using socks during the physical act of love increased by 30% the chance of reaching orgasm, for both sexes! The researchers found that couples who used socks reached orgasm, compared with 50% going without a garment over in 80% of cases.

What is the explanation? Socks, obviously, warm our feet, but also This heat helps the body to maintain a more constant temperature.

The sexual advantage? This homogeneous temperature makes the blood does not have to be aware of to irrigate our limbs to prevent us remain frozen (and let no breath to our partner), by what you can afford (for us) to other areas much more cool: genitals.

And why we want it be blood flowing freely through our parts? Maybe because it is so work, the blood is petrol or diesel from our sexual organs: erections are due (and this image is not particularly sexy, I know) to the corpora cavernosa of the penis friends, fill with blood, and in our case, three quarters of the same, the passage of blood makes that the clitoris as you need to, increases the sensitivity on the lips… In the end, all advantages and zero CO2 emissions.

The sock effect goes beyond than you thought

But the beneficial effects of you go to bed with SOCKS they are not exclusively on the ground of sexual.

According to a study published in the journal Nature have warm feet helps, too, that conciliemos sleep more easily. Heat in the feet (and hands) involves specific vasodilation and this distribution of heat in our organism, signal (the body warmth) the brain interprets as favourable for sleep. In situations of cold, on the other hand, the brain stays alert, active, to distribute the heat in the areas that need it most rather than uniformly.

Anyway, and while what these researchers say appears to have some scientific backing, not let’s us crazy and tackle a Calzedonia: a pair of socks, very warm and nice to be, not ensure us a face to face with Mr. orgasm.

Like almost everything that human beings with regard, There are several factors at play When it comes to having one: I want, be what you are (and not if descent has come the gas bill), good pacing… These are variables that surely, surely, they affect our orgasms, regardless the temperature of your feet.

The “sock effect” is not a panacea, It is “something more” that could modulate, but certainly not determine, the obtaining of an orgasm. So if you are in the / who hate with all his might carry put socks do not worry and… free your feet bare!

And if you are who is going to try to see what such, only one thing, please, put primor and choose ones with style.

Photos | Marie-Antoinette,, Calzedonia

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