The Patterns in Decoration and Fashion

In part 1 of  this series I spoke of: Chita / Chintz / Toile de Jouy and Liberty. In Part 2 I told  Cashmere. In part 3 of the  stripes. In part 4 of tartan plaid. In part 5 I started chess (Pied-de-Poule, Pied-de-Coq and Prince of Wales) and in part 6 I talked about otherplaques and Tweed. In part 7 on the Animal Print.

Now let’s talk about Chalk Scratch, Fishbone,  Chevron and ZigZag

No one knows very well how: Some say it was adopted as a bench and other uniform that came from the sports uniforms of canoeing in the 19th century. They became popular even in the US in the 20s and 20s. 30. At the time of the Seca law musicians and gangsters (such as Al Capone and Dizzy Gilespie) solved used. Then the movie stars adopted. And we can not forget Churchill, who even drew one, the “siren,” which he used during World War II.

The print has characteristic fine stripes, in regular interval, going from a few millimeters to a maximum of 2 centimeters. In general, the stripes are light and the background is dark. Chalk scratch is not so used in decoration and when used most of the time is linked to male and sophisticated environments. There are trend wallpapers. Lighting fixtures, bed linen, fabrics for sofas and armchairs in this print. They are discreet and very charming, but serious.

Spine of Fish, Chevron, ZigZag:

They are very similar patterns: the Fishbone is a classic pattern obtained in the weaving by a mooring derived from the twill, traditionally made of wool, cotton, silk and linen. The name comes from the shape that looks like fishbone. The Fishbone pattern is usually discreet because it is made in the fabric web.

If you look well, the black lines in one column do not match the black ones in the other column, you know?

A rug (beautiful!) With a “stylized”

The ZigZag or Chevron calls are the prints made up of innumerable Vs (the letter) inverted (see that the same colored lines join in the columns). Chevron in English means patent – those of military uniforms).

Zigzag classic black and white on the rug

Chevron or zigzag on the cushions

There is a special Chevron, well-known, that was created by the company Missoni from 1953.

Chevron Missoni – It is distinguished by fantastic colorful

On the carpet a Chevron in the Missoni style

In decoration Zigzag and Chevron are widely used in cushions, curtains, bedding, flooring, carpets, wallpapers and coatings in general. It can be cheerful and fun or more serious and classic, combining with virtually any style.

See that in the arrangement of hardwood floors, you clearly notice the difference between theFishbone (or Harringbone) and the Chevron:

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