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Heart Disease In Pregnancy

The Pre Christmas Is Very Important In The Life Of The Pregnant Woman, Especially Ifthere Are Complications Such As A Heart Disease. Heart disease in gravidezComo is treated to heart disease in pregnancy? When a woman gets pregnant, all your body passes the work depending on the baby-in-training, who will be developing in your womb for nine months before your birth. During this period, one of which passes through a large increase of activities is theheart, pumping more blood and fluids that are critical during the gestation period.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Pregnancy

The Sexually Transmitted Infections Are Transmitted From Person To Person By Sexual, From Mother To Child (Pregnancy And Childbirth) And Intravenously. The Enlightenment Of Doctor Maria Jose Rego De Sousa. The infection results from tissue invasion of a host organism by external agents (bacteria), whose multiplication and reaction of the tissues of the host to the same and to toxins produced by them cause diseases commonly referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STDS).