Love Exists: 11 Stories of Truth That We Remember That Actually WINS for Fiction

Today looks like a good day for celebrate love in all its forms and versions, and what better way to do this that Recalling the love stories that have us excited more lately? Touching, funny, inspiring and with happy endings. And best of all, have not left him a film or a book of fiction. They are real, as life itself. They have occurred, proving that good things also happen in the world and that, sometimes, the reality surpasses fiction.

The Leonard Cohen love letter

The Canadian singer-songwriter He had to bid farewell to his muse Marianne very soon When she died of leukemia. In a love letter, Cohen wrote him the following farewell, or rather goodbye:

Well, Marianne, have arrived at the moment when we are really old and our bodies are breaking into pieces. I think I will follow very soon. I want you to know that I am so close, just behind you, that if you stretch your hand, you can reach the mine. You know that I have always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but you don’t need to say anything else because you already know it all. Now, I just want to wish you a very pleasant journey. Goodbye, old friend. Eternal love. See you down the road.

November 11, 2016 Leonard Cohen died, finally finding it with his beloved Marianne, something that it already predicted in his letter of farewell. Do you know how close he was to die? Is the way in which these two persons have been revisited by road almost premonitory.

The Obama marriage

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Their relationship has been one of the most admired and televised, maintaining its essence despite being exposed to the whole world. Their chemistry and their sense of humor has conquered us all, becoming a #couplegoals in capital letters to the Obama marriage.

Michelle and Barak Obama met in 1989, when he came as an intern in her office. They were married three years later, without having any idea that they would end up becoming one of the most important couples and influential in the world. So much so that they have made a film inspired by his first appointment.

The reunion of the marriage of Canadian grandparents

These grandparents have been married since 1954, but due to space problems and waiting lists, were sent to different residences for the elderly. After 62 years of marriage, this couple could not share their day to day, so his family was organized so that you would see on a daily basis. After eight months of waiting and millions of requests in Facebook, finally with dementia but even acknowledging his wife, was definitively transferred to the residence with her. This video collects the emotional moment.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

In the delivery of the Ryan Gosling gold balloons took all our admiration, and not only for the awards. In his speech, dedicated to his wife, he declared his love and gratitude towards her for taking care of his daughter and his family while he was shooting La La Land. He said that his work would be impossible without it. He even inspired a phrase from the movie! When Ryan says “Los Angeles worships everything but does not value anything”, it is actually Eva Mendes which speaks.

I’d like to try to thank this award to a person in such a way and say that while I was singing, dancing and playing the piano, and living one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a movie, my wife was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second daughter and trying to help his brother in his battle against cancer. If she had not loaded all of that weight on her shoulders so that I could live this experience, surely that another person would be who would be today here above. So, honey, thank you. My daughters, beloved and Esmeralda, you want. And I’d like to dedicate this prize to the memory of his brother, Juan Carlos Mendes.

The Iraqi soldiers who had fled to the United States in order to be together

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These two Iraqi soldiers decided to escape to the United States, given danger it is openly declared homosexual in their country of origin. She was granted to one of them, Nayyef, the asylum for his work as a translator and his handling of the English, so it went to America pursued by Iraqi militia, being forced to leave his partner in Iraq. “I thought that it would be simpler to ask for asylum from here, but it was very complicated.”.

After four years apart, AAA was able to travel to the United States and marry her boyfriend, Although they must still keep the relationship secret for their families. An example clear that immigration can bring and what is at risk with Trump policies.

The love story of the cafeteria

I ‘ m the only one in this café and the employee just told the guy employee she girl you have a crush on him will update

— Jerry (@notjerryclayton) December 18, 2016

I am alone in the cafeteria, and an employee has just said to his mate is caught by it. I will keep you informed

A good love story like everyone, and that is the reason why this triumphed so in social networks. A guy in a coffee shop was the romance between two employees via Twitter, When being the only client heard one of them declared. The response was immediate, he kissed her before the expectant of thousands look for social networks. Hurrah for true love!

He said he needs to go to the back and think about what to say

— Jerry (@notjerryclayton) December 18, 2016

He says that you need to leave a moment to think about it.


— Jerry (@notjerryclayton) December 18, 2016

Just go back and he kissed her, my mother!

They kissed again but tried to do it discreetly so I wouldn’t just ‘ not see these two are perfect

— Jerry (@notjerryclayton) December 18, 2016

They just go back to kissing but they try to do so discretely so that me not knowing that those two are perfect.

Granny who married for the first time at the age of 80

This Granny reminded us that it is never late to find true love, marrying for the first time at 80 years of age. María Teresa Cobar and Carlos Víctor Suárez, of 95 years, met in the Center for seniors and, as they tell it, “it was love at first sight”. After only a few months together, they decided to marry in the same care center in which they live. True love is not a fantasy, but sometimes take a bit to find it.

This loss of hand, with included football team

Samford University, Deion Pierre, football player called marriage to his girlfriend in the most romantic way: helped by his team to make the big question in an original, at the end of one of the parties way. If that not you excited, Ed Sheeran sounding background, players trying to dance or roses succeed.

Iman and David Bowie

The legendary musician let us in 2016, but it also showed us one of the greatest love stories that we have known. He and his wife for 24 years magnet met in 1990, When he fell in love with madly she. “Never in my life I have pursued something with so much passion. I knew that she was the definitive”said Bowie once.

In 1992 they married and have been together ever since and up to his death. Magnet always said that she is not married to a rock legend. “Not I married David Bowie, I married David Jones, the man behind the show.” They became one of the most admired and followed the world couples.

“My father taught me to be a good MOM and gave me a connection positive with men, because he is a gentleman. And that is what attracted me David, is a kind soul. It always makes me laugh, life is a cabaret. My marriage is so wonderful as you all think”

In June 2016, after several months of treatment for cancer, David Bowie died leaving a huge void in the world of music and his wife for 24 years. She used social networks to make their particular tribute.

Rise #imandaily

— Iman Abdulmajid (@The_Real_IMAN) January 9, 2016

The man who planted a garden for the blind spouse

The Lord and the Lady Kuroki were married in 1956. Some time later, She fell into a deep depression is blind due to complications of diabetes. He, who could not bear to see her depressed, decided to plant a huge garden full of flowers Shibazakura, with a peculiar and very intense aroma that she could enjoy despite his blindness.

He worked for many hours a day for two years to get create this paradise of colours and smells. She knew nothing, until one day discovered it and changed completely the way of understanding life. Today, the garden is a sign of love for anyone who wants to visit it, since it keeps its doors open.

A story of true friendship in the distance

These two friends have been inseparable since 1994. The day of Valentine from 1996 the husband of Vanessa died suddenly, taking it to a depression that ended with a moving. Vanessa left New Zealand to the United Kingdom to start a new life, not wanting to return by the bad memories that him being in their country.

Her best friend Joanna has decided this February 14 do her best friend to recover happiness on Valentine’s day, traveling from the other end of the planet to surprise her and that she alone did not pass that. A relationship showing that love is not only romantic, and that it can travel thousands of kilometres away. It is a story so beautiful that the Air New Zealand company has used it as a campaign.

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