Jelly Bean Is Already Reaching Terminals Galaxy Nexus in Spain

Several readers are reporting that their terminals Galaxy Nexus Spain are receiving via OTA update to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1). We discussed last week that this was going to happen. This time Google has complete control of the situation and the operators do not delay this process.

From Xataka Android we think it is a great news that the updates are coming so fast. It is not acceptable to have to wait several months since Google Announces a new version and displays it in the United States until this update comes to the rest of the world. So famous Android fragmentation also comes from this slow process.

If you have not received the update you can force testing in settings – > about phone. There are also users that have reported that if this doesn’t work you can go to settings – > applications – > all, search Google Service Framework, delete data and force. Then we come back to check for updates on about the phone and this appears as available.

Anyway, you must be patience because updates are released gradually, to avoid saturating the servers. We hope that these updates will also quickly reaching terminals that are not pure Google.

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