Ideas to Innovate the Bed Headboard

Decorate different environments of the House with stickers that you take for a real ride!

How about giving the room new life and starting at the head of the bed? Without investing the pipes with remodeling and with several options of materials, it can give a fun air or a touch of class in your room.

It has the most rustic, the romantic, the extravagant and still the delicate. The important thing is to choose the bed headboard that has your face and give a new look to your decor. There are so many creative ideas that encourage us to create our own. The hard part is choosing which one.

Rustic Bed Headboard

The cool thing is to reuse diverse materials like wood to create a fun bedside. Immediate wake up in the room!

Wooden slats, shutters and even an old door. The important thing is to treat the wood in advance to avoid pets or termites! 😉

From Classic To Cool

For the more funky, you can dare on the bedside material of your bed. Mobiles of heart, made with paper even give joy as far as the children’s room. For those who enjoy the classic style, the good old Captain will leave the room a charm alone!

Wall Stickers 

Do you think wall stickers only fit for specific songs or proposals? Try using them as bedside. Yes, if you want a delicate and romantic effect, invest in wall stickers. With them, you create cute effects and can also repaginate whenever you tire of the visual.

Here on the blog, Francine Lacerda shared with us an easy do-it-yourself. The headboard of hearts made with Contact adhesive gives extra charm to the box bed, which usually comes without headboard.


The maps can be reused to decorate several environments in house. As wallpaper, framed or splashed across a wide range of objects, they are a creative, sophisticated option and go with the House of someone who loves to travel.

One of the coolest ways to use the maps in the decoration is with the wallpaper adhesive. It covers a good part of the wall and it’s great to give more personality to any room. He, maybe not the best idea to very full of furniture and decoration details, since it can pollute a little landscape. So, prefer to use it in places with less information, so that the map call attention to themselves.

Hang the map in any room you like is also a good option, because it does not pollute as much home. Another tip is to go by marking the places for which you have been or want to know. An incentive for more in search of the dream of traveling the world, isn’t it?

To value more the map, vale still put a legal frame that matches the décor your.

Now, if you put them on the wall doesn’t make a lot of your style, you can innovate in various way, for example, in carpets, pillows, coasters or, simply, with the Globes We’re used to.

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