How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your T-Shirts?

A large portion of people are with a lot of doubt in choosing the right fabrics for making t-shirts. These questions are quite common once they understand this is not usual for everybody. Let’s expose some tips that can help you much right now.

The first thing that must be done is to understand the reason that the shirt will be made. Is a t-shirt for event? Uniform? Promotional or sports shirts?

Those answers will be North to the making of their t-shirts.

We will explain a little about some of the fabrics according to some suggestions of what is best for each situation.

PV loop shirts: The PV is composed with 67% polyester and 33% in viscose. The mesh PV has little shrinkage, has great durability and don’t fade. Moreover, it is a very soft and comfortable fabric. Our special tip for you that needs a uniform. The mesh PV is widely used for this purpose, since they have a very good durability, use on a daily basis does not damage the piece.

Dry Polyamide: this fabric is produced with 100% polyamide yarn. The Dry is great for use in sports practices of high yield. Because it is very light and very comfortable, helps the athlete’s movement, facilitating perspiration and consequently your performance. If you are in need of sets for your neighborhood soccer team, the Dry is the best asked to make.

Piquet: by name many people might think I don’t know, but piquet fabric is used to make the famous polo shirts. This mesh is woven with 50% of the cotton and 50% polyester. Is a mesh with a durability also very good. Many companies insist that the uniforms are in the polo model. Is also a great option for event t-shirts, because it has a great look and definitely stand out in these events.

T-shirts 100% cotton: as the name implies this mesh is produced with natural cotton. For being a natural fabric mesh is very comfortable even as we talk about sweating, she does not retain the sweat. This fabric is used for t-shirts with prints, as for most special occasions and events.

We are sure that these tips can help you a lot when you need custom shirts!

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