Fishing Trip in Brazil

After a year of preparation and invitations sent to handpicked companions (friends and relatives), the result was an excellent fishing trip and fun.
Already on the way out of Belo Horizonte we got from you in advance to schedule, due to the anxiety of our companions in hit the road and play the hooks n ´ water.

Watered the beer, a service of first, and chat, the trip was taking direction, and so the kilometres passed the few who still do not know each other, if entrosavam and tipped already good friends. All went to the 1000 wonders all the way, even the 100 km dirt road on the jardineirinha of the Inn, in 2 hours of very “saculejo” and dust, that just cause for fun and mockery. So, we reached the long-awaited Matrinxã fish-Inn, near the town of Miranda, 1,000 miles of BH.

An Inn with good structure, in an excerpt from the Kuluene River that until recently was unique, but still slow; a competent team of piloteiros and a great kitchen let our stay more enjoyable every day, not counting the rooms with air conditioning, swimming pool, pool table and a kiosk with barbecue and TV to watch the news and that sacred football Wednesday. Not to mention the barbecue offered on Wednesday, and the sow on Thursday (prepared with care by José Augusto).

According to newvilleoutdoor, fishing began as the weather in the days of July: cold start, and then it was heating up (and as worry, 30th in the shade) during the week, while the fishermen were going to discover the best fishing spots. Left until a huge cachara of 1.27 m with approximately 20 kg, corvinas, pacus, dogs, hornbills-duck, mandubés, barbados and others gave their guys over there, until an electric eel (electric fish), not in large amounts, but attended throughout the week.

In back, a quiet and comfortable trip gave us the opportunity to plan our next fishing trip, since the presence of the vast majority of this class, which is formed by good teammates and good friends.
I want to thank especially to my friend Vitor de Paula, who gave me all the support necessary before and during the trip. Grateful also to drivers Gandhi and Ademir, for comfortable and safe trip.

Thank you all and see you soon!

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