Do It Yourself: with Jewelery and Accessories

Halloween is such a thing. Some like this day, others find it just stupid or waving, that is Kinderkram. Well, meanwhile, Halloween has also arrived in Germany. Again, there are more costumes and sweets to buy just before Halloween. Numerous magazines and blogs tackle the topic. And even if it does not reach the dimensions like in the USA, for many here Halloween is simply a part of it. One can once again be a child, ne neigbly party celebrate and just 2 weeks before the start of the carnival time in a costume throw. And even if you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort in a Halloween costume, you can create something quite neat with a few jewelery and accessories. By the way, if the invitation to the Halloween party gets you cold.

1.DIY Halloween Costume:Zombie Bride or Groom

Then they wanted to give themselves the yes-word and suddenly they were … undead.Zombies are probably one of the most popular disguises on Halloween.You can do this to the top and dress up as a zombie bride or even as a zombie groom.

For this you dressed up a slightly patchy face, deep eye rings, yellow spots on the cheeks, blood on the mouth.The zombie bride is wearing a veil.It may be old and dirty.Some tulle or an old piece of a curtain is great.Now a white dress, but this is not a must.A cheap plastic tiara on the head.And at the finger a beautiful, sparkling ring, which somehow stands in stark contrast to the grubby appearance of the zombies.

The zombie groom should wear a broken jacket or a dirty shirt.There is a small flower on the reverse, fond of wilted and dry.In addition, a black pants.As described above in the face make-up.Your fingernails can be quite dirty here.He also wears a sparkling ring and a clock , which has stopped at the moment of closing.For this you can simply turn the wheel slightly out of the clocks , then it stops.The clock can later be easily reused when you push the wheel back to set the time again.

And as a reference to your special situation, you can still loop a “Just Married” banner behind you.They are ready to buy or you painted a wide band with this lettering.Finished are Mr. & Mrs. Zombie.

2. DIY Halloween Costume:Vampire Queen

Vampires can be highly cultivated beings.If they do not have an acute urge for blood.Vampire costumes are usually very noble and you can not deny them a certain elegance.Especially not when it is a vampire of high rank.For example, a vampire queen.For this you need a black dress, alternatively a black top hat and a black skirt.In addition, a dark sheet or a cape serves as a cloak.The face makes her white, her lips blood red.

A vampire queen attaches importance to good style.Therefore you decorate now with jewelery in red or black, for example with a garnet necklace.This marks full irony exactly the area (the neck) where the vampire queen serves their victims.Alternatively, it can also be a red heart pendant.Sparkling Chandelliers or other large earrings complete the picture according to Who likes, pulls dark gloves over and carries a ring over the glove.And do not forget the sharp vampire bites.

3. DIY Halloween Costume:Pirate on treasure hunting

Since Pirate of the Caribbean, pirates have become an indispensable source of inspiration for costumes.Perhaps this is due to the fact that a pirate costume is really child-friendly and quickly imitated.And for both men and women.

First you tie a cloth in triangle shape around your head.It should sit slightly diagonally.Then you cut out a piece of cloth from a piece of fabric that you sewed to a tape.Already you would have your eye.That pirates with jewelery do not have to sting, you know yes from the above film series.Typically, hoops are on the ear.It is also a long chain with a pendant, whether from leather or solid gold.Just a few pimpy rings , after all, you are a successful pirate, who has brought it to something.As a pirate you now wear a white shirt and (if it is cold) a dark jacket jacket over it.This is a three-quarter trousers, in which you can cut in a few jags.The belt is a wide sash of fabric.The same applies to the pirate bride, except that she should wear a dress or skirt and combine it with several bracelets or ribbons.

Show that you are a pirate, who could already capture a lot of treasures. Therefore, you can also carry a bag or bag with you on which you put the words “gold”. If you like, fill in a few chocolate gold coins and some jewelery of gold and pearls.
Of course, you can expand these costume ideas as you wish and expand according to your wishes.And here you can find more ideas about Halloween.I wish you a lot of fun on your Halloween party!

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