Dinner, Candles or Flowers: There Are Many Options to Celebrate St. Valentine, But How Are Held in Other Places of The World?

Valentine’s day is here. And when we say here, we’re not talking just of Spain or Latin America. It is… the world. Each country has its traditions and its peculiar ways to celebrate Valentine’s day. Today we collect them all: from Welsh love spoons a day of friendship Finnish, through weddings in mass and ritual religious or Pagan.

South Korea

In South Korea, Valentine’s day gifts are not reciprocal, they are women who make gifts to men as a sign of love. Above all, chocolates and cookies. The girls receive their gifts a month later, on 14 March, when held the so-called white day, in which men thank love received by Valentine with gifts. Watch out! The thing does not end here. There is also on April 14, known as black day, the day dedicated to singles, where it is tradition that groups of friends gather for dinner.


In Germany, the animal that symbolizes luck is the pig, so, together with traditional love of Valentine cards, There is the tradition of giving little pigs. Luckily, it is not necessary that they are true. It will be enough with figurines representing them or sweets, chocolates or cookies with the silhouette of the animal.


The traditional Taiwan are Roses, but give them all a symbolism surrounds It is very important to keep in mind to not mess up. For example, a single red rose means “you’re my only love”; Eleven roses mean “you’re my favorite”; Ninety-nine roses mean “ours is forever” and eight percent are equivalent to a marriage request.


Japanese traditional Valentine’s day gift is chocolate, but, similarly to what happens in South Korea, must be women who give it to the man, Although it is not limited to the romantic field, but is also give to male relatives, friends and coworkers. There is also the tradition of the white day on March 14, in which men give to women, with the characteristic that gifts must always be this color.


Valentine, but Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh love pattern is not celebrated in Wales. And not held either at this time, but it was done on January 25. The traditional gift is love spoon, a custom dating back to the 17TH century, when men were carved intricate spoons as a symbol of affection for women. Depending on the design, they have different meanings. Today, they have become a gift so common that it is not limited only to the lovers, but it is also exchanged at weddings, birthdays and births.


If you’re a hater of the day of San Valentín, Finland, it is your country. In the Nordic country, on 14 February the Ystavanpaiva or friendship day is celebrated. Groups of friends meet and are exchanged small presents and cards that are expressed feelings of friendship and gratitude.


In Denmark there are two traditions that have to do with flowers and letters of love. In this country are not exchanged roses, but a typical flower called Bell’s winter, which arises as soon as the snow melts. The love letters are called gaekkebrev and are nearly anonymous. They are signed with a number of points, which must match the number of letters of the name of the sender. Is the recipient who must guess who are you pleading and, if successful, will receive an Easter egg that same year


The Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s day is Qixi, which held the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of every year. During that day, women prepared offerings with fruits (especially with melon) in the hope of finding a good husband. Couples come to temples to pray for their happiness and prosperity.

New York

Can think of us something more romantic who married in the gazebo of the plant 86 of the Empire State on Valentine’s day? Because that is precisely the option that offers New York privilegiadisimas ten couples who will be chosen, in a decision as well known in New York than even the newspapers published the list of award-winning couples. It is the only day that you can celebrate weddings in the building.


It is said that first Valentine card the Duke of Orleans, wrote it so this can be considered a French tradition. In fact, it remains in the country, almost as much as in the Anglo-Saxon origin. Another tradition that is celebrated in some parts of the country was the do small bonfires, in which women burned photos of the men who had deceived them and you screamed insults against them, but arrived a moment this habit got out of control and came to be banned by the authorities.


In Brazil, February is the month reserved for the Carnival, so Valentine’s day is celebrated on June 12. In addition to the exchange of gifts, chocolates and flowers, held festivals around the country. It is customary to celebrate the day with friends and family, not only as a couple. The next day, it is celebrated the day of San Antonio, in which single women made ritual called sympathy that the Holy will help them to get husband.

South Africa

In addition to the global traditions that extend across all countries of the world, in South Africa it is traditional that women bearing the name of his loves lit with a safety pin on the sleeves of her clothes. It can be the name of your partner or of someone to whom love secret, and this becomes the way to declare that love. The custom comes from the Roman tradition known as lupercalia.


The most striking tradition of all those that are held in the Philippines during Valentine’s day is the Group weddings. Thousands of couples get married on this day, in places so curious as shopping malls and other public areas around the country capable of housing to all those interested in contracting marriage or renew your vows.


On the eve of Valentine’s day, women tended to leave five bay leaves in their pillows (one in each corner and one in the Center) to attract to their future husbands. In the Norfolk area, there is the figure of Jack Valentine, a kind of Valentine’s day Santa Claus to whom the children eagerly because they leave candy and small gifts in their homes.

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