Chicaloca Release of Semax

Beautiful accessories have just been launched–Chicaloca the Semax that specializes in handbags and women’s accessories, will participate in the days 14 to 17 July 2009, the 41 St Edition of the International Fair-Francal
Footwear, fashion accessories, machinery and components. It is the 11th time that Semax participates in the event and, this year, will be releasing during the fair more your new licensing, the Chicaloca, as well as new models of products already marketed characters as Betty Boop, Snoopy and Garfield.

The debut of the character does Semax Chicaloca. Created in the online world, in Korea, the character is now licensed for various items such as clothing, accessories, diaries, among others, being successful in several European countries. Now, the Chicaloca also comes to Brazil in bags and accessories geared to girls who have a modern lifestyle and a fashion identity according to shoppingpicks.

Betty Boop, Snoopy and Garfield are still the stars in the new collections, and bet on synthetic materials like Semax polyurethane, polypropylene and polyamide, in addition to applications in textiles and ironware. The colours merge perfectly strong shades like red, green and blue, with neutral tones and indispensable as Brown, black, white and gray.
The models are varied from bigger to smaller models. The prints are more sober, just so they can be worn by women of various ages.

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