Burger King Gives The Bell on Saint Valentine’s Day: Give a Sex Toy for Adults with Its Menus

Admit it: a dinner of Valentine at Burger King do not believe us, priori, the ideal plan for tonight. Responsible for the chain of fast food in Israel wanted to challenge this idea and have set out to attract couples to their premises. To do this, they have launched an idea that surprised everyone: a special couples menu, which includes a toy for adults, and that served only during the day, from 18.00, to customers over 18 years of age.

Burger King Israel has not offered more details on the nature of the toy for adults, but the promotional video of the idea seem to make it clear: they will be a mask, a small crop of feathers or a head massager. In addition, this special menu will include two whoppers, two servings of potatoes and two beers. We don’t know how much success will have the idea, but it seems that the influence of fifty more dark shadows has become so unexpected as the chains of fast food places.

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