4.1 Android Jelly Bean Finally Brings High-Resolution Images Contact

An operating system like Android grows not only with the great improvements that flashes in the presentation, but are the little details that make the difference between a mature system still in development. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean includes several important improvements, but other more subtle improvements are know even little by little.

Yesterday saw as the home included in “safe” options “hidden” Jelly Bean, and today it’s the turn of a very demanded improvement and giving very bad feeling in the use of Ice Cream Sandwich, as it was the maximum resolution of the images of the contacts. Android 4.1 already It will be possible to assign higher definition pictures to our contacts, with a more reasonable limit of 720 × 720 pixels.

The result is easily visible, and you can see it in the picture that illustrates the article perfectly. Now Now we won’t have pixelated photos when a contact calls us, but that we will see a sharper image.

According to, This improvement in time is not synchronized completely well, but that while contacts with Google profiles show the image with better resolution, the synchronized via Facebook continue with worse quality photos.

It is likely that future updates fix this, or still improving has not been extended to all possible systems of synchronization that available on Android.

The really important thing is to see how Google has marketed focus also on improve these small details They help greatly with the user experience.

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