18 Ssw: these Stress Symptoms Come to You

The first half of pregnancy is nearing the end so slowly and the baby is gaining strength. If you want to know more about the 18 SSW, read here!

The weight gain is very clear in the 18th week. Now every week half a kilo taking too, one of them and is also necessary. Due to the weight gain, some complaints this week of pregnancy you can come!

This Happens In The 18th Week With Your Baby

The baby is about 14 centimeters tall and heavy to the 130 to 170 grams in the average.The baby in the 18th week has not yet developed a sleep rhythm . Mostly, it sleeps during the day up to 20 hours since your movements weigh it in the bedroom. It is awake and active in the evening, if you move less likely. Still, the baby has enough space to beat somersaults and to play with the umbilical cord.

How To Changed The Body Of The Mother In The 18th Week

The belly has grown significantly in the 18th week, because the baby is getting bigger and stronger. The uterus is now about as large as a melon, it is called obstetricians and Gynecologists on the medicine Portal-IM-Netz.de. Your blood volume increases and your breasts are larger and heavier. Due to the weight gain, the first stretch marks can show this week. You can find out how you can prevent stretch marks here. (Stretch marks main article link)

What Complaints And Stress Symptoms Could Expect The Mother In The 18th Week?

Heartburn is a complaint that frequently occurs in the 18th week. According to Babyinger.com, during pregnancy, the hormones loosen the muscles and relax the muscles of the esophagus. In addition, that pushes the uterus on the stomach, and easier gives the esophagus sphincter, allowing gastric acid into the esophagus can flow back.

Leg cramps can be a further burden that occur as a result of calcium deficiency. The baby needs much calcium at this stage of pregnancy for bone formation.

In addition, the circuit must carry constantly a lot of blood through the vessels leading circulatory disorders with themselves and can bring dizziness to.
Also the mothers must adjust to balance problems, because the uterus is now significantly stronger moves forward.

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