Black And White Dress Trend

Black and white are classic colours – in fact the “non-colours”. Also the combination of black and white is popular in the fashion world for decades. No wonder, because with the fashion trend almost never wrong one black and white and looks always well dressed.

Black and white fashion trend: from casual to classy

In black and white, you can style as well as about what you like. The term fashion trend black and white is for example, the classic when it comes to business wear for women. With white blouse, black trousers and black Blazer to send pumps you lie down safely a professional appearance.

However, black and white can do much more. With a pair of jeans and a casual top, white or black sneakers, boots or boots – you’ll be an everyday look, which still boasts a touch of elegance. Or how about a one piece like this shirt dress size? Also evening looks can take toll in black and white and times are anything other than just the “little black dress”, for example this plus size lace dress sexy.

The right underwear to the black and white look

If you think already it with a simple black and white look? But here visible underwear slightly at unfortunate moments. Especially if you’re on the road, there is a bright party lights or the Sun is shining bright. Flash light is especially tricky: here shows often opaque-looking outfits are not always really opaque, even with black tops. With nude tones for including you’re definitely on the safe side. Thus, your noble black and white look is not torpedoed guaranteed shimmering through laundering. White under White is also not optimal, but usually also unattractive looming.

Splash of color for your black and white outfit

If you want to create highlights, dare! Splash of color stand out so special, without however disturbing the simple black and white line. A bright red lipstick or – also classic – red fingernails are very successful.

Your accessories should however follow the “motto” of black and white fashion: confident, simple, elegant. Not too playful or altogether too much of the good. Beads plug or simple hoop earrings, for example, fit well with the look, long and colorful pendants in the hippie look rather not.

With the fashion trend you put black and white clear contrasts. Have fun exploring here at songaah lyrics and songs.


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