Bikini World Tour

If you do not already know the new draft Carla Bikini is the time to catch up! In early summer Carla Bikini which sells swimwear trends of major brands decided to select some lucky testers to become ambassadors and bikinis worldwide! This project called Carla Bikini World Experience is a unique experience that you can not miss! With its various opinions that come from around the world, Carla Bikini has plans to share its opinions with you and so do you live the experience with testers! See you in a few weeks on our social networks to find out what people think girls jersey of June!

Carla Bikini World Experience

The world tour of the bikini

The concept


The Carla Bikini World Experience provides an opportunity for women and 10 young women from around the world to become testers Bikini! What is it ? Every month, we send a swimsuit  with a different brand to selected girls will have a picture of her with the cute swimsuit (follow They will then give an objective opinion on the jersey according to their culture, their country and their morphology (shape, color, size, material, quality…)! Following this we will share with you this advice for you to learn about the best-selling brands Carla Bikini. What could be better than the opinion of women around the world to choose your swimsuit for the summer Carla Bikini World Experience is a unique project: sharing, trends, and above all a world tour!

Our testers: who are they?

Our team selected via the social networks women of all types to participate in this experience! Women from different countries with very different morphologies. All women are beautiful and that’s what we want to show with this project! So do a little world tour to introduce you …

We make our luggage for New Caledonia, more specifically its capital Noumea, where lies our tester Virginia ! Small Oceanian archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is a small  wild paradise inhabited our ambassador for 38 years. From here Dream, Virginia pretty brunette dynamic will make us discover its culture and heritage but above its opinion on our bikinis! You will see, you will not be disappointed by the pictures!

The jersey of June: Banana Moon!

It was a secret until now but that I was too impatient to tell you! The jersey that will receive our testers in June is one of the best-selling brand Banana Moon! Which? The whole band Totem Manya Yellow! With its chic hippie style it will be great worn by our Ambassadors Carla Bikini World Experience! Its yellow color brings out the tan and brighten your days on the beach! If you too fall for this shirt, nothing more simple! It is now available on our website Carla Bikini! We look forward to hear from our experts!

That you now know our Carla Bikini World Experience project and especially our testers! A jersey a month that will go around the world is a unique experience! Hold you ready to follow this adventure on our social networks very soon…

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