Bikini Fashion Trends 2015

Trend throughout the summer 2015, social bikinis are for those who have style and personality are versions of shower curtains, strapless, flossing or even hot pants, the fringe leave the look modern, bold and elegant order advice how to reach

Who can use social bikinis

Almost all women can use bikinis social, but with some caution and the need to check which model best falls

If you have enough chest, search for shorter versions with a fringe, which do not require a lot of attention already for cats with small bust, points and to bet on versions more flashy prioritize long and colored fringes that give the impression that your breasts are superior

The type shower curtain should also be a priority for women small breasts most frills or fringes, better

Bikinis more small squares fringe, style single front, helping to leave the safe and beautiful breasts

If you have hips, instead of social bikinis with the CRA for women with wide hips, the tip and prioritize bikinis with lateral strips wider

Enjoy the summer with care

Do not use care in a white bikini and forget to take care of his body already the summer is almost over, but it is always good to remember these tips from BikiniWill for choosing bikinis.

Use sunscreen

Before going to the beach, apply the product on the face and whole body remember that this points that should be followed on a daily basis, and not only at times when you are on the coast or go to the pool

Drink plenty of water

During the summer, the body suffers from dehydration to ensure health, always carry a bottle of water drink every half hour, trying to ensure the consumption of at least two litres of water a day

eating well

Choose fruits, salads, protein and carbs light to enjoy the beach without stomach problems, remember to bring a snack and eat something from three in three hours

Practical exercises

The practice of physical activity, in addition to letting his spotted and the body of sequinho, it is important for the knife health walk at least 30 minutes per day, Alternatively, combines cardio activity of musculacao you will gain more health and body with everything to use their social bikinis

Social bikinis leaving the scene

With the end of the summer and the arrival of autumn, looks begin to become more closed and hot for cats who couldn’t not bet on this style during the hottest season of the year, the tip and sure boots, coats and blouses container with franjinhas

To find out what will be fashionable, it is interesting to read magazines in the trend and give passadinha in stores that you both love

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