Bicycle Lights

For Your Safety, Use Bicycle Lights At Your Exits

We are practically in winter, the duration of the days is getting shorter and the exits by bike as you do not do in the mornings, you find that, it catches the night before you think.

At this time of year, the most sensible thing to do is to use a bicycle light kit to be seen, a front that serves both to indicate the position and to illuminate the road and a back that thanks to its flashes warn of our presence to the previous vehicles.

Choose The Most Suitable Bike Lights

Once you have decided to have lights for bicycles, you will see that not all lights are the same, you can find many differences between them depending on the following parameters:

Maximum illumination power. Normally expressed in lumens, bicycle lights with greater power for the front light and lower power for the rear are used. The front can range from 400 to 3,000 lux, while the rear can range from 10 to 100 lux.

Type of battery. Internal rechargeable lithium-ion or disposable batteries. The former are more expensive but more comfortable and at the same time cost effective to use a USB type plug to charge them. The second ones much cheaper but conditioned to the performance and duration of button type batteries.

Modes of operation. Flashes, continuous or progressive. They are the different modes of operation that we can find, to signal our position we can use the flashing mode (beacon) of the lights for bicycles. To illuminate the road in times of darkness or low light, continuous mode is the most appropriate.

Battery format. Internal or external. In the case of lithium-ion batteries the battery can be internal or external. Much more comfortable and durable the first but obviously more expensive. Bicycle lights with external batteries are more uncomfortable to mount and require both head and battery to be attached and connected with a cable.

Type of bulb. Halogen or led. Both of them light up a lot, the basic difference is the consumption, the halogen tend to consume more but the LEDs save enough battery and multiply the battery life in an important way.

Battery life. Expressed in hours according to the mode of operation. Depending on the bulb power, capacity of the battery or operating modes, the duration can be very variable, from one hour to more than 20 hours of operation. This is a very important aspect to take into account when buying good bike lights.

Detectors of vehicles. Some manufacturers like Garmin have included in their lights for bicycles proximity detectors for vehicles indicating of our position when approaching a vehicle and also warning to the cyclist of the presence of a vehicle from a distance.

Assembly possibilities. If you have several bicycles, it is important to have accessories to mount the lights in all of them thanks to additional brackets and frames, the savings can be considerable.

As a recommendation, it is advisable that the front light has at least a power of 600 lux while the rear has a minimum of 40 lux.
In both cases they must have at least two modes of operation (flashes and continuous light).
The minimum recommended duration for good light is at least 2 hours of operation at full power and 6 hours in flash mode to ensure that the outputs in low light are secured.

Models And Brands Of Lights For Bicycles

Within the brands we have great variety and we can find quite a few lights manufacturers, most of them Asian. Lezyne , Specialized , Garmin , Cateye  and  Knog are some of the most recognized manufacturers of bicycle lights.

In my particular case I chose to use the lights of Specialized, both the front and rear bought the Flux Expert and I can not be more satisfied by their result. Its main characteristics are:

Long battery life, with each charge I have for two or three outputs of between 2 and 4 hours.

Very powerful, they are seen at a minimum distance of 500 meters.

With several supports, to be able to change them of bicycle of quick and simple form.

Undoubtedly buying the lights for bicycles was one of the best decisions, other vehicles see you in advance, separate more sensibly and bring you forward with some more attention. In the photos at you can see bike lights mounted.