Bicycle Helmets Can Save Lives!

Wasserburg – time for the start of the season Radl give Johanniter Tips for buying and maintaining an appropriate helmet.

Bright sunshine in Bavaria. This is the first big bike ride on the weekend nothing in the way. But beware: Yearly crash in Germany up to 80,000 cyclists, around 400 of them fatal. Crashes a cyclist forward on the road, he often carries serious head injuries. A bicycle helmet reduces this risk by up to 88 percent.

Especially important is a helmet for children. The little ones are often still somewhat uncertain on two wheels. In addition, they can assess road hazards worse and are likely to be overlooked by motorists, warns Alexander paramedic heritage, who runs the bicycle season of Johanniter in Wasserburg. A bicycle helmet has already saved the lives of many children. He is also supported, the child should be allowed to choose a model itself. Bright, vibrant colors make sure that the little ones are better seen.

Thus, the helmet can do its job, it must sit perfectly. “Not every helmet fits every head shape. Buyer you should especially make sure that the helmet does not rock or slip” advises heritage. “The helmet should also carry a recognized certification mark such as GS, CE, DIN or EN.” Forehead, temples and back of the head must be safe covers.

Very important is the right seat of the chin strap so that the helmet does not suddenly slip while driving and the view takes. Simultaneously, the belt should also not press – especially not on carotid artery or ears.

The closure must be securely and easily engage and sitting sideways so that the helmet can not be solved by the head in a fall. In addition, a good helmet on vents and network should have. The latter protect against insects that may come under the helmet shell while driving with bike lights.

After a fall of the helmet should be replaced; even if no scratches or bumps are to be recognized. Because even a small impact can result in a non-visible deformation of the helmet structure. Even without the overthrow of the helmet after five years should be replaced, because in the long run lose the plastic strength. As long as he holds only if he is cared for properly: A dirty helmet shell should never be cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents. These agents can affect the stability.

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