Best Parkas for Winter

Parkas, essential for dealing with style and comfort in late winter and early spring. Oversized, casual, sporty or not notified, the choice is yours.

As an alternative outerwear, a hybrid that you can wear all year long, as long as it is well padded during the winter, and cool in spring. Outerwear passkey of midseason this year seems to be accompany even as we go towards the summer, with hot models but that tend to become more and more fresh, and that you can wear under any circumstances, provided that the model that you have chosen is not extremely casual.

The parka, in short, is definitely the best outerwear to face the end of winter and the milder temperatures, a perfect garment to wear when the duvet jars with the lightness of your ourfit, and ideal for shelter from the rain, but at the same time an ally against the cold. In short, is one of those heads with a very long history, waterproof as the classic trench coat but more sporty, in short a must absolutely essential that you do without: comfortable, practical but stylish.

Short, long, medium, plain or printed, there is an embarrassment of choice, what is certain is that despite its origins not only can wear it casual for leisure, but also in combination with a more formal outfit to wear, in this case the choice will fall on most screwed and adhere better to the silhouette, rather than the classic oversized parka jacket, as well as advise to match our men’s colleagues from the shopping site.

And then you will fall in love with the classic Hunter Green like that of The Northe Face or Top shop, passing through a varied palette but generally neutral although there is also some brand that dares with splashes of color, as proposed by a classic red parka Canada goose, or alternatively a very light shade of green , and Tom Joule, aiming at a stylish model with polka dot print. Whatever your style, you won’t be able to do without a parka to face the end of winter and the beginning of the season, so don’t miss our gallery where we collected the most beautiful and convenient seasonal parka reported by friends of stylish our site.

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