Best Outdoor Watches

“Hiking is the miller’s delight …” – no, nowadays, it is no longer only the miller who likes to go hiking, since hiking and trekking tours are among the most popular leisure activities of the Germans. The right equipment is required, because the compass and the barometer are indispensable if you want to use it sensibly. The robustness of the bracelet and the case is, however, the most important thing you should consider. They should therefore be made of materials that can push shocks and dampness without problems. So that you do not have to drag around several devices with you, you can put on an outdoor clock in which everything is integrated together.

With the large selection of outdoor models, however, it is often difficult to get an overview of the functions you really need for your adventure. That is why we have listed you the most important of them, where you can orient yourself. The A and O of an outdoor watch is, of course, that the orientation works best. Here you should pay attention to a good and reliable compass, which indicates the correct direction during the hike. In order not to rely on electric current or a battery, it is advisable to trust a solar-powered clockwork – provided you are not just traveling at night. Thanks to its advanced technology of storing excess solar energy, it can also be used in the dark. A further function is the timely detection of weather phenomena by a barometer. In terms of air pressure, it provides information on whether a weather improvement or deterioration is to be expected.

The exact time is perhaps less important during a hike for many, but it is indispensable for perfectionists. Practical, that some outdoor clocks have a radio clock technology, which indicates an exact local time (also abroad). A great feature to arrive at the nightly accommodation on several days’ trips is a sunrise and sunset display, which indicates the exact minute when it gets dark or light. So you can use the day ideal. A good and fast readability, is an important criterion for an outdoor clock. For this purpose, a large display is particularly suitable, which is additionally equipped with a lighting. In the dark, you can see everything on the clock.These features and features make an outdoor watch a reliable companion. Of course it is always also an individual taste and feeling thing which features one considers useful. The best advice, however, is to think carefully about what you want to use before you buy and to set the key criteria for choosing your new outdoor watch.