Best Backpack for Students

With the old backpack in plastic with the effigy of Justin Bieber you drag since the 5th grade, you might attract attention for the wrong reasons at the CEGEP. Here are my tips to replace it with a practical, durable and elegant!

In backpacks, I’m more picky than an accountant of the Department of revenue. I must say that I wear for a good 30 years, whether for studies, for work, for travel or for hiking in the open air. In fact, since high school, I almost never leave home without my backpack, and since I don’t have much free space in my apartment, need me a bag which is perfect in all circumstances. I see many of nod your you head: you are like that, too, isn’t it?

Hey!, if your old bag hangs out of the leg and you want to enjoy the time of year where the stores have the largest variety of bags in stock to change style, take notes: the perfect opportunity is upon us, and it’s back to school.

Yes, I agree, it is early to talk about the start of the year, while Quebec has just to enter in what could be the first real summer heat. But when it comes to the acquisition of an accessory that will be 12 months a year and it will be maybe for hours every day, it is never too early to do well. Here are some ideas to keep in mind in making your shopping:

The right size

I was already part of those for whom a backpack is never too big. Until I realized that a big bag, it’s an invitation to abuses of library: when there is always room for one more book, one does more worthwhile to remove those that it does not need, it only adds…Until the bag rips in the subway because of the excess weight. (Sadly story.)

Consider your real needs. A bag of any size, as the Pelican Point of 21 litres of Quicksilver is more convenient in transit at rush hour. On the other hand, if you use the same bag for go to College the week and go home to your parents weekend, a little more room for clothes cannot harm and the Outdoor 32 litres of JanSport Agave is perhaps a better choice.

Anyway, since you are a student and you probably have to carry heavy books, be sure to choose a bag whose seams are robust, especially at points of tension as closures-lightning and at the junction between the bag and straps.

Compartments for your portable electronic devices

Do you work with a 17 ” laptop, with an ultra-portable 13 inches or with a Tablet and Bluetooth keyboard? Most of the bags of today, like the Frommer’s Echo, offer cushioned compartments and/or with strips of velcro to keep your valuable tool in place, but to maximize the usefulness to choose the perfect size compartment: If your iPad floats in the Pocket for a larger unit three times, you are no more advanced.

Consider also a small pocket easy of access for your phone, your portable video game console, etc. When it is packed between two grumbling in the bus, the last thing you want to do, it’s a contortionist to search in the bottom of his backpack!

A pouch for your bottle of water… Or maybe two!

Buy bottled water is expensive, it is not very environmentally friendly, and some campus sell everything just more. The fountain is not always to the hand-especially not in the middle of a 3 hour course.

To the extent possible, choose a bag with one of the covers adjusts as precisely as possible to the size of your bottle. Otherwise, you will need to either let it float in a too large compartment, either to share a section with your other possessions, with all the risks that entails in case of leakage or condensation on hot day. The model 33 I Loop Haze of High Sierra offers a series of compartments for drinks in net, which adjust to the size of the bottles: ideal for school and for hiking.

Resistance to water

As a student, there is a good chance so that you have to spend time outside with your bag on his back, waiting for the bus or to walk one Pavilion to the other on campus. And it’s always when an old marabout teacher requires that you make him your term paper in print that it rains the strongest, it is well known!

A waterproof bag, as this model of Swiss Gear with compartment for 15.6 inch laptops, could save you much trouble. And besides, it will be more useful when hiking or camping. Because there too, it’s raining!


A bag that is too heavy or poorly distributed load can cause back pain. To avoid the problem, choose a bag with a padded, as the Digital Platform of JanSport rear panel which also offers separate for your laptop and your Tablet covers. Or why not a convertible backpack in suitcase on wheels, like the Biztech of Mancini, for those days where you have to drag your anvil until your blacksmith courses?

On the other hand, a regular backpack, with ‘free’ straps, applied all the pressure of what you carry on your shoulders forward. A bag that has a chest belt connecting the two straps distributes the load more evenly on your frame. It may seem trivial, but if you have the habit of a long walk with your bag on the back, the belt could make the difference between a night with or without muscle soreness. In any case, me, I don’t spend more.

Latest tips

Before choosing a backpack, make a list of what you want / need to carry with you at all times, and be sure to access it easily. I reserve the front pocket of my bag to store a flashlight, a towel in case of intense heat, two pens and a USB key: menu items that may be required at any time and we don’t have to look too far.

Always try to balance workloads in your bag for maximum comfort. If you keep your bottle of water in a pocket on the right side, insert an umbrella (or another bottle of water) in the equivalent pocket on the left side.

Finally, remember that, if the straps of backpacks are typically padded to be comfortable at the level of the shoulders, nylon strips that allow to adjust the straps are very often sewn at the bottom of the bag without protection no – and when they rub on the lower back, they can be very unpleasant. Choose a model whose width corresponds to that of your size to avoid this kind of discomfort.