Belvest-Spring/Summer 2017

Today we look at the spring collection from Northern Italian kavajspecialisten Belvest. An actor who easily fall into harm’s way, but the industry is known for making some of the finest jackets and suits. The spring collection is no exception and we have looked closer and picked out our favorites.

Belvest is in no way a company with cheap jackets. We’re talking about the products a bit North of $10 000, but as always, it is important to discuss what you get for your money.Here, most agree that Belvest as product specialist is extremely skilled with the result that many of the top companies in the industry opted to use them as producer of their own Private Label. Drake’s is an example that combines the company’s own aesthetics and choice of fabric with a design and cutting of the highest class.

How are you Belvests yourself? The company has been struggling for a few years now to find a clear identity which made that got overlooked, for example, Isaia, Kiton, Ring Jacket or Corneliani.

Spring collection consists of both single as double-breasted jackets and suits with a contemporary cut. Working with garbadinetyger in Japanese cotton, Bouclétyger in wool/silk and thin summery wool qualities. Colour wise, is the collection of beige, light grey, turquoise and orange, as well as”Belvest blue” as the company calls it.