Beauty Tips for Redheads

6 beauty tips for redheads who don’t want to hide their charm incarnate. How and with what products enhance red hair, pale skin and freckles? Here are all the tips!

It’s lucky to have natural red hair, especially if combined with a diaphanous complexion and freckles, but here are all the tips to enhance red hair using the right products to make up.

Enhance freckles

For years we tried to cover them with make up as if they were hiding blemishes: actually freckles would go absolutely enhanced by using the right products. For the Red “lentils” the best trick is to strip nude, natural, almost colorless but free of imperfections. Avoid Foundation too opaque and especially in summer used a BB cream as a base for makeup.

The right colors

To enhance red hair and pale skin tone you choose colors that have a very similar, in the case of eye makeup can perfectly well point to various shades of Brown and in summer on the Peach. In General, in the selection of shades, you should also take into account the color of your eyes, for example the color “plum”, which is a precise shades of purple is perfect for redheads with green eyes

Choice of Foundation

The best ally for girls with freckles definitely is the mineral fake eyelashes, says Investtops. This type of product, besides being much more healthy for our pores, having a less homogeneous coverage leaves freckles in plain sight. Alternatively you can use one in cream or powder, but it’s very light, just to give a touch of light to the face.

Blush intense

Who has red hair color shades should definitely avoid too dark. That is why the make up artist we advise to choose shades of blush intense which may give the complexion a natural and radiant complexion. Avoid dark colors too!

Use of mascara

You could also avoid it unless you have very short, thin eyelashes. In this case the advice is not to use one too dark because usually who has red hair and fair skin also has Cilia very clear: better to opt for a Brown mascara rather than the classic and usual black mascara.

Coral lips

It’s a point somewhat debated: some argue that the color coral is perfect for redheads, others that it is too similar to the color of their hair. In short, the choice is yours! Much, however, depends on the color of the eyes and the shade of red hair. Alternatively, better point to the nude, with natural lips you can apply one coat of gloss finish.

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