Bassetti Bettwäsche Granfoulard

Many Bassetti lovers who earlier this year especially to the annual new Limited Bassetti special edition of Gran Collage Collection Fall / Winter 2015 happy. This time it is, in fact a very special collection, the 30th anniversary of Granfoulard! It is a collage of the three most successful designs of the house Bassetti and the final touch of the previously published “special editions”. Here, the various motifs from the classics Oplontis, the popular Michelle and the timeless Fong, immortalized together on a collection. The first of these limited editions, which was released as Wendebettwäsche.

Bassetti Grancollage

The exclusive and regularly once published in Special Edition Gran Collage is, this year the 30th anniversary of Granfoulard dedicated. For the Createure the Italian brand Bassetti company wanted to create something very special. The result is an absolutely noble patchwork pattern, combined from the most sought after designs by Bassetti. The charming Gran Collage bedding designs are made of pure cotton satin and impress with their imaginative designs and expressive colors.

Bassetti used for its linen, kimonos and plaid, 100% Egyptian cotton, which gives this special material its natural shine, making it incomparably light and silky that it adapts perfectly to the body. For this noble mako satin only the purest, is preshrunk cotton bedding sets processed by Loverists.

The series is of course supplemented with the coveted plaid, well-being in kimonos and the additional cushion covers, the latter for the first time in 80 x 80 cm.

The Bassetti classic used

The design Oplontis is one of the oldest and manage a classic by Bassetti.With his ode to the ancient art of the Villa of Poppeija (Villa Oplontis in Torre Annunziata) Oplontis brings, with its architectural and ornamental structures, a touch of gloss from ancient Pompeii in your bedroom. The unique beauty of this ancient Italian culture and the versatile art of this period is reflected in the bedding again.

When Michelle is an oriental pattern from the Sassanid Empire or Neuper Maltese Reich. To many it is known as Paisley (persian pickles) and resembles a curved, tapering blade with a curved end. We play with colors and hues to highlight the effect of the subject.

In its Asian home of the pheasant plays an important role in the symbolism and the popular superstitions. He is in China for light, prosperity, happiness and beauty in Japan for protective, motherly love and virtue. The exotic designs of series Fong the Büten and branches of rows from southern China originating peach tree, the longevity or immortality mean.The harmonious image of the individual icons takes you on a journey into a foreign culture.

Linen Grancoullage Fall / Winter 2015

Bassetti has come up with something very special capsule collection Autumn / Winter 2015 season for Gran Collage. For the first time in the history of Bassetti have been assembled into a single, beautiful design 3 different designs. A combination of the traditional ornaments from Oplontis, combines with the coveted pattern from Michelle and the Far Eastern designs from Fong, the classics of the Italian manufacturer. The result is a product range that is unparalleled. Surround yourself with the precious cotton fabrics this extravagant bedding, as well as suitably complementary accessories for the home and home wear and enchant her bedroom in a small palace for the senses.

The limited bedding Gran collage to the anniversary edition in a limited edition has been released in three colors:

  • The noble and fine pattern in the Bettwäschegarnitur Gran Collage V.1 are decorated in warm red tones. Color-coordinated and available in the same design of attractive is Kimono V.1 and the outstanding Plaid V.1 and the opulent  Kissenhüllen V.1
  • When Maco Satin Sheets Gran Collage V.5   colors shine in beige, brown and cream. Also to this group there are the appropriate kimono V.5 , a noble Plaid V.5 and the magnificent Kissenhüllen V.5
  • Certainly those who love the delicate tones, the are the neutral colors of the turning linen Gran Collage V.7 in atmospheric blue and beige.The magnificent Plaid V.7 , the fine kimono V.7 and enchanting Kissenhüllen V.7 adorn the same colors and designs

Linen Fong Gran Collage Fall / Winter 2015

Furthermore, that is linen Fong Gran collage appeared limited in two new, atmospheric colors this year. With its magnificent designs of Asian pheasant and delicate branches and flowers, finished with fine embroidery effects and framed by a border with stylish ornaments, you kidnapped these artful bedding in Far Eastern countries.

Like the other sets of anniversary collection she also has the turn-optics.For the back of duvets cover the design? Flower? been used. In usual excellent Bassetti-quality, offers this limited special edition of Gran Collage Series Fall / Winter 2015 luxurious and perfect sleeping comfort.

  • The bed linen set Fong Gran Collage V.9 confident in majestic shades of red on a light background, which can radiate to the smallest detail, the exquisite designs. These exotic-looking collection is complemented by the exquisite kimono V.9 , the precious plaid V.9and elaborate Kissenhüllen V.9
  • The shiny accents of bedding set Fong Gran Collage V.5 in exclusive shades of brown, turning her bedroom into an atmospheric wellness area. Here, too, there is the associated Kimono V.5 in fine cotton quality, the noble Plaid V.5 and the magnificent Kissenhüllen V.5

Linen Oplontis Gran Collage Fall / Winter 2015

With the Bettwäschegarnitur Oplontis Gran Collage traditional company Bassetti returns the ornate designs of an era that lets you immerse yourself in the ancient Pompeii. here see as in the frescoes amphorae, ornamental structures and other precious fragments again. As special edition Autumn / Winter 2015 this set has been released as a turning-bedding in a subtle color scheme. The back is decorated with a delicate ornament.

  • The delicate colors blue and beige, and the ingenious designs ofbedding sets Oplontis Gran Collage in V.7 harmonize in a most noble manner. They bring a touch of pompous murals ancient times in your personal retreat. Complete your range with the wonderful kimono V.7 and surround her body with the finest mako satin and the gorgeousplaid V.7 and complete the picture with the distinctive Kissenhüllen V.7 from


Bassetti is the most famous and largest manufacturer of bedding industry and has set has always set standards. The great success is based on the balanced combination of quality, design and innovation.

  • In 1830, in the heart of old Milan, in Piazza Santo Stefano 2, a few meters from the Cà Granda, today’s University, opened a cousin of the Bassetti family, Carlo Baroncini, a general store in which he linen fabrics, tablecloth, napkins, handkerchiefs, blankets and decorative fabrics sold.
  • To be independent of production and to provide a constant quality, opened in 1840 in the rural town Rescaldina a hand weaving, in which more than 100 looms were operated.The family embarks tirelessly in the following decades, the search for new markets, which will be rewarded with rising production figures
  • We import 1908 first mechanical looms to Italy to produce large quantities in Rescaldina. The costs have been reduced with it and extends the product range. The children of the family should get an excellent technical education, which is why they were sent to Roubaix, the former stronghold of Texilbranche
  • 1914 founded the Children Ermete, Felice and Giovanni society Giovanni Bassetti. This is working on a development for better handling of linen and cotton and buys the Textile Finishing in Trezzo d’Adda, in the canvas bales sonnengebleicht
  • Through the acquisition of works in Biassono and Revello expands the company in 1920
  • 1922, the company opens the work Manifattura Lombarda e Lino Canapa in Origgio
  • Through the expansion of a network of distribution channels with depots, warehouses and retail space, succeed in the 30-ies of the nationwide sales throughout Italy.Finally, close contact with customers and end users emerged.
  • Bassetti leads 1950 a revolutionary idea in the market, a – the first ready-made and packaged Bettwäschegarnitur that is available at any time at the store.The reason for this were the women who were always more into working life. The brand has been expanded gradually
  • In the 60s Bassetti expanded into the European market and thereby first focuses on France, Spain, Austria, Germany and England
  • The new plant in Rescaldina opened in 1964 and the press speaks of “the most modern plant in Europe for the oldest crafts in the world”, with an unprecedented production apparatus in Europe
  • Bassetti developed revolutionary products to relieve the women and facilitate their work in the household.It provides the company a presence in difficult times, due to the energy crisis and inflation 1975-1983, in the market to stay
  • 1985 Bassetti joins the Zucchigroup and conquered with hisGranfoulard the market. It is the poster child for Bassetti. This wonderful and versatile cloth that has the capability of any environment to provide a decorative creativity
  • The very first stores are opened – Bassetti Germany, Bassetti Bassetti Espanola and France.In Italy, the focus is on the sales through its stores;the first franchise stores named C’è Bassetti open its doors in Bologna, Rome, Verona, Milan and Perugia
  • The well-known French company Jalla, market leader in the field of terry, 1990, the group also occurs at
  • With the La Natura Collection Bassetti accesses the topic Nature.It follows in the years 1998-2006, the commitment to the environment and in research
  • 2006 merger of two Italian companies will be completed for Zucchigroup.It will continue to invest in innovation and the collections are even more diverse to meet the different needs of the customers who have a growing awareness of the value of quality and experience.Nothing has changed to this day

Our opinion

Who does not like to surround themselves with fine quality linens? The name Bassetti stands for excellent quality and exclusive designs. From the Collections countless design possibilities. From casual and unconventional, style and graceful, to sovereign and independent. There is something for everyone and the most diverse needs.

If you already have a bed linen set or one of the other quality products from the group Homewaer or Home accessories by Bassetti, you will agree that they have an absolutely first-class quality. The processed material to the highest standards and indeed in many ways. If the goods are treated according to their care instructions, you will have many years of enjoyment.Both of the optics, as well as the feel, the laundry remains beautiful. So, as you would expect from a product of this brand. Bassetti attaches great importance to its consistent, excellent quality.

Also I love luxury linens. I really enjoy it every time anew to slip after a long day and a warm shower under my freshly made bed linen. Even on the suspicion of being ridiculed out, I admit that I also let still lack some of my sheets. I think it’s just beautiful, if I make the beds, see the smooth structure and how great the patterns come into play.

If you, as a wish to embellish in your bed with Bassetti more “just” spoiled yet and already start on the couch or in a chair with a the beautiful plaids.After a walk put your feet, cover and enjoy a beautiful nice cup of tea. Or take a breakfast in a beautiful kimono. For whatever you choose, with a Bassetti product you always make the right choice.

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