Baroque Style Makeup

From the catwalks comes the Make up in Baroque style, the idea most chic autumn 2015. Gold charm, strobing and glitter faji make this one of the most voluptuous and chic look of autumn 2015. Find out how to make it happen.

One of the most attractive in the world of make-up 2015 is the Baroque trick that is all the rage this autumn. How do you make?

Simple: just exceed!

Typical of the ladies and women of 600, the trick is pompous and much sought after. Are the backdrop for this make-up the strobing, pompous hairstyles and cotton fabrics, hats and bows of satin on head and neck.

On the catwalk, they proposed more eccentric stylists like Galliano at Givenchy and Gucci.

Golden and sumptuous even on make-up proposed proposed by Elizabeth Arden for its latest limited edition makeup collection “Golden Opulence.” A palette of tones between the intense forest green and dull brown with gold metallic shades, which will arrive in perfumeries in October.

By October, to make life even more sumptuous and Baroque art, at least in our make-up, mascara and pencils will arrive in perfumery allungaciglia kajal (by New York Color) that much like Demi Lovato.

Even stylists have also indulged with the use of gold not only on the face but also in her hair for a truly lavish total make-up as that of Sir.

And saw that the make-up is not only sumptuous but also romantic, here for our next cosmetics palettes are rich in delicate shades and soft as those of Shiseido made of shiny golden brown, beige and, of course, as required by the Baroque style.

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