Bagage Leon Flam

Travel is well, but it’s better to travel in style. So what bag you choose when you go for 24 hours? Even one day of travel, to pay attention to his luggage. So avoid too large models that encombreront you. There are also a bag both elegant and robust. In the end, it’s not easy to find a nice bag of manly and quality. Fortunately for us, there is a brand that meets all of these criteria, it’s Léon Flam.

Léon Flam is a French craft brand, known for its expertise in leather goods. In 2011, the brand was co-founded by Guillaume Gibault (The brief French) and Louis Epaulard. Resurrecting the workshop of his grandfather, Guillaume Gibault wanted to create a modern brand, surfing on the imagination of the great aviators of the interwar period. The idea? Offer high-end at reasonable prices.

The creative workshop Léon Flam was born in 1924. Quickly, the young pilots of the Aéropostale set their sights on the canvas and leather creations. These travelers of the “roaring twenties” then all have a bag 48 h Léon Flam. In 2011, the rear grandson Guillaume Gibault decided to re-launch the brand with a new line of luggage to accompany the modern man in his daily adventures. A true invitation to travel.

Last year, I fell for the computer bag Buenos Aires, a beautiful Binder inspired of the toolkits of the 1920s. A very nice quality and functional bag that can carry the essentials in the adventurer: tablet, computer 13″, smart phones and even his book preferred. This month I’m tempted by the Tango, a 24 hours bag to the finishing model. This bag with clean lines is made of strong canvas of cotton. Reinforcements and the handles are leather full grain and the sling fabric is equipped with leather reinforcement. The bag 24 Tango has the particularity of having hidden seams which gives one side even more class. It is designed to accompany the man for a whole day without problem. A bag which I can’t pass me when I go for 1 or 2 days, so it is practical and elegant. A beautiful bag that I recommend.

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