Babymoov Project Light Baby Night Light

Among the many gifts of birth, peanut received the night-light from Babymoov.

Babymoov Project Light Baby Night Light

It has multiple functions: 9 sounds (lullabies, nature sound and beats of the heart), multicolored light, projection of a starry ceiling and setting sound on 3 levels.

The pilot light works either on batteries or mains which is ideal to take her during weekends and vacations, according to necessaryhome.

The first nights during which we put the Nightlight market we found that she was too light. The “starry sky” effect was good, but the diffuse light in addition to the light that was too bright, knowing that we’re sleeping in the same room, we didn’t. Suddenly, we had put a fabric all around to have the starry sky.Among all the possible options, it’s too bad not being able to choose the type of light that we want: light, starry sky or light + starry sky.

Accustomed to this light, we took him everywhere with us. After more than a year of continuous use each night, the pilot began to show signs of weakness. Actually, only the red color works. In the end, we prefer, because we were able to remove the cloth and there is sufficient light to illuminate a whole room.
I thought that she would no longer work for a long time, but still more than 21 months of starry nights, she always lights up the room!

The nomad pilot Elf of Beaba

On our side (then), we had recovered the pilot Elf from Beaba. We liked the idea of being able to recharge it on its base the day and take the night next to the bed.

The concern is that the night light does not have enough light to illuminate the whole room. It’s a product that will be useful when the girls want to go to the bathroom at night without turning on the ceiling, so at the time of learning of cleanliness “at night” (not yet with us!).

The frog LED night lamp

In his first Christmas, a Nightlight frog-shaped was offered to peanut. He likes much its friendly shape and its ease of use (a button to turn on and off).

The light is nice and sufficient, we tested it a few nights and loved him well.However, we kept him, because works with batteries andneed a screwdriver to change.
It’s good, it makes sure that babies and children will not have access to the batteries, but on the other hand this is not practical since it is necessary to change the batteries regularly (especially if you put a plug-in) and home Toolbox is not always accessible.
In addition, we have the Babymoov model which corresponds more to our way of life.

I kept it and I allow her when the girls are larger, they can use it themselves. Peanut already knows how to use it, it was his great game to turn it on and turn it off without stopping.

The pilot light cube Arc in the sky First Dreams Chicco

During weekends, we tested the Arc cube in the sky from Chicco. It runs on batteries.
Unlike the previous pilots, it does not light up the room, but Planning Forms.In the end, there are more than 90 combinations between the silhouettes to project, the color of the light and the different genres of music. It has a “sleep” mode, brightness is very low and it does not light a room, it serves to reassure the child when it is bigger.

The projection is very good and allows a lighting sufficient, the disadvantage of this product is that everything stops (light and music) all alone and that we can not operate the pilot light all night, which is a shame of not being able to set the desired time (15 min, 30 min, overnight for example).

Among pilots that we tested, at the moment we use the Model Project’ Light of Babymoov.