Awesome Projection Night Lights

The pilot projection are very popular among expectant and new parents. The reason is simple: they exactly fit their expectations. A brief overview of these night lights that make many services!

Awesome Projection Night Lights

The Advantages of This Type Of Night Lights

The projection at night is a real ally for all parents. Although early in his life a baby is not afraid of the dark, have your head in the stars will get him a certain well-being.

He will feel reassured and calm watching all these beautiful and soft lights. Whether at nap time or bedtime at night, it will look like the ceiling of the reasons the pilot. Falling asleep will not be difficult for babies who have trouble getting to sleep.

He will be intrigued and will therefore set different shapes and colors that move on the ceiling or on the wall of his room and goes to sleep without even realizing it!

With the pilot projection, parents no longer fear bedtime and do not have to rock their children until they fall asleep in his arms. They can also turn on the nightlight when the child wakes up to keep it quiet or time to do something else if they are busy.

Many Projection Pilot Models

The choice of pilot does not fail. According to your desires and your budget, you will find so many models.

Most projection night lights have a music function. Your child will therefore not only fix what is going on the ceiling or on the wall, but will also focus on the music. The melodies are naturally calm and soothing.

Some more sophisticated models have other practical options like automatic triggering when your baby cries. Others also have a remote control or a voice command to activate the night away or storing the favorite lullaby for your baby.

According to the pilot model, you can either attach it to the crib for your baby or put it on a dresser.

As for the light projected on the ceiling, it differs depending on the model. Stars, characters, flowers, clouds, animals, the choice is vast!

The price projection lights are between 10 and 30 euros.

So choose your projection to pilot your budget, according to the light it broadcasts, fixed or wireless, with or without remote control and an automatic trigger or not.

Some Models Projection Night Lights Of Stars

We invite you to discover some models celebrities:

Light The Pilot Projext

The Babymoov brand sells this pilot Projext Light . Music and light, this model attracts many parents. It projects a starry sky on the ceiling but that is not all. Indeed, you can choose between 7 different sounds that imitate the sound of nature. The heart of the mom beats are among those sounds. The child has always feel with the mom.

This model is perfect for babies who have trouble falling asleep and for children who are afraid of the dark! Light the pilot Projext remembers the last song listened and restarts automatically at the next startup.

The pilot operates either with an AC adapter or 3 AA batteries.

Star Of The Night Pabobo

This musical model projects a starry sky on the wall or on the ceiling. It is very convenient as wireless. We can take it everywhere (in grandparents or nanny for example).

You will not need to get up to turn it off. Indeed, it stops automatically after 45 minutes. This is more than enough for baby to sleep. You can choose the color of the projection if you do not want it to change automatically.

It emits a very rocking melody for the baby will fall asleep peacefully. It recharges either by USB or with batteries. It is available in several colors including beige, purple and light blue.

When it’s bedtime, children are often distressed by the dark or because their parents let them. With the projection night light recommended by LEGALARMIST, it will not happen again. Very soothing and reassuring, it is indispensable in the nursery!