Aukey USB 3.0 Hub 7 Ports

You are badly missing USB ports to transfer data, connect various equipment or to recharge your various technological products, smartphone and tablets for example. So you urgently need a hub capable of being sufficiently rich in ports to be able to make the desired connections without any problem. In its catalog, the brand has a Aukey 7 ports powered hub on sector seems to have strong arguments to answer your USB needs whether in the transfer or charging. Sober and efficient?

We will therefore first discover the contents of the package without any particular expectations for this type of product. Inside you find the USB hub, a USB cable, a power cable, a user manual and a guarantee document. Regarding this famous guarantee, it is 24 months for this product. Compared to the user manual, we are very satisfied even if it lacks rigor. Indeed as much the presence and the form used for the content (precise illustrations, tables) are seductive, as much the French translation is perfectible as it is often the case for the manuals of the mark Aukey.

We can now talk about this famous USB hub which already at the first contact blows the good and the worse. At the format, it is compact and lightweight with reduced dimensions (110 x 43 x 23 mm) and a featherweight (83 grams). If it is convincing so far, we will soon be less seduced by the materials used for this hub. A classic black lacquer where scratches and dust quickly control the situation. Even the side parts in a texture close to the rubber has this frustrating facility to bring in and keep the dust.

Not exactly, the format is perfect, as the materials used are irrelevant. On one side of the Hub, there are two very specific ports. The first is for the USB 3.0 cable of the package which aims to connect the hub to a computer (having a USB port, preferably 3.0 to take advantage of this standard on all USB ports). The other port is to connect the power supply to the hub. Indeed it is not powered simply by plugging it into USB on your computer. In order to ensure unrestricted service in the number of ports and tasks (smartphone recharging, tablet), a power supply is essential but necessarily more bulky.

One can not really say that it is nomadic, but it puts the means so that there is no limit in the use of USB ports of the hub. Exactly how many USB ports are available? 7 in total with a breakdown into two very precise categories for an equally precise use. On the one hand we have 4 USB 3.0 ports (but also compatible with previous standards listed on allpubliclibraries) and on the other hand we have three USB ports dedicated to charging devices like smartphones or tablets with 2.4A per port.

There is therefore a clear and precise separation between ports for recharging and only for this function, and ports for synchronization and data transfer. So if you buy this hub thinking of 7 classic USB 3.0 ports, this is a mistake. There are actually four assigned to this function.Otherwise, to ensure the correct functioning of the hub, a green light is of the part. No worries during the installation and connection of the hub, this is plug & play, in other words nothing more to do than the connection for immediate operation.

At the level of the operating systems, it is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bits) minimum XP and above, but also Mac OS X and Linux. Regarding the lengths of the two cables, that of the connection with the PC and that of the power supply, they are long enough, although this does not prevent the practical side and bulkiness from being perfect in the face of such a configuration. The price paid to ensure the unrestricted use of the entire hub. Finally, for USB 3.0 the transfer rate is 10 times faster than standard 2.0 is a transfer speed max of 5 Gbps.