Are You How Are Trying to Introduce Android in Film and Television?

When a product appears on television, as series a series or movie, it is generally not casual. Brands pay often players use certain products. Sometimes they are part of the plot, but they usually have a secondary role. Still, being everyday objects that we use on a daily basis, call attention to certain characters use them.

Product placement is not no surprise and less when we talk about technology. Who doesn’t remember any film where appeared deliberately Apple Apple or logo of Dell? Brands that use Android as a platform also want us to see them on the big screen and today we explain How are they managing to gain a foothold and with what products.

The most natural and running an Android to enter a series or movie is, as we said, product placement. A brand pays for appearing on screen and according to time displayed and the actions that are carried out with a certain amount is paid. For many companies, it is a perfect way to be unveiled and certain values associated with your product. It does not always work well, but there are people who goes mad with certain product placements.

One of the brands that more has attempted has been Samsung. It is not trivial: knows that it has a privileged position in the market but you need to gain a foothold in the land of its main competitor, Apple. A country like the United States, where the main audiovisual productions are produced.

The Koreans have tried this in many ways: specific occurrences of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in House of Cards, a sponsorship very ambitious with the Avengers films (will Samsung Androids in the second part) and also the introduction of a lot of products in the United States X Factor series. Outside the fiction, but linked to this industry, also did an experiment with the now famous selfie of Ellen’s generate.

Sony also It has a good history behind them. In his favor is the own one of the top majors in the sector: Sony Pictures. In this way, you can place its products without any problems though, as you can see in the picture just below these lines, it can become very brazen. Because, of course, who does not have his room filled with a single brand products?

His example more clear, that Yes, it is still James Bond. 007 takes a few years using Xperia phones and in their next safe film we’ll see him with a mobile Z. Now though a Z4 as which you saw yesterday in a new filtering will be or will keep a Z3? It all depends on the Japanese and what it takes to announce its new flagship.

HTC is at a difficult time and for investing in advertising very well choose your bullets. In addition to a sponsorship with UEFA, also had an appearance in the second part of Captain America 2. So much so that they launched a special edition of One M8 Shield logo on the back. And, Yes, technology brands love superheroes, you know that part of your audience is there, although the Taiwanese dared years ago to appear with One X in a series for adolescents: The Vampire Chronicles.

LG, another of the major brands that use Android, has had a rather discrete presence in the West when it comes to sponsorships in series and movies. However, in the East that tried it several times and it is easy to see actors of Korean novela, K-Dramas, LG and Samsung phones.

The appearances of Android on the big screen have so far been discrete. Always as supporting actor and earrings that manufacturers who use these platforms decide to give a push to their products. However, few have managed to position itself with force and the clearest case is that of Sony Mobile with James Bond. We’ll see if Samsung achieved in the Avengers 2 we look in your Galaxy.

It must also take into account that the success of product placement is quite elusive. Put Android on the screen not is synonymous with start selling millions of devices. Sometimes is cause for mockery, Samsung has happened with Galaxy Gear in the new movie of Jurassic Park, and rarely we agree that certain products appear on screens.

The last great success of technology is to House of Cards and Monument Valley. During a moment of the series, we see how to play while relaxing on the couch. Its creator did not pay to be there, but their presence served to boost sales. Pity that, despite being a game for Android, used an iPad.