Are CFLs or LEDs Better

“Conventional” incandescent bulbs will gradually let the whole place to the bulbs low energy. The calendar is now programmed and back is not an option.

Recognized as more efficient energetically, these bulbs “low conso” yet continue to debate: are actually more green? Can be dangerous for health? Should we start to buy today?

Are CFLs or LEDs Better 1

To answer these questions, consoGlobe decided to “shed full light” on these bulbs new generation:

  • Light bulbs low consumption, economic and effective but…
  • Their composition: a danger to health and the environment?
  • CFLs, LEDs: which do you choose?

Cfls, Leds: Which Do You Choose?

Next to CFLs, you can find lamps made up of several LED bulbs collected (or luminescent diodes, light emitting diode): these diodes diffuse light when the electrons of the electrical current interact with a semiconductor material.

The LEDs have been used for 40 years for signage applications (Calculator, light appliance…). The technology of LEDs has grown steadily since then and first led lighting applications now exist.

If you can find on the market, LED lamps are still difficult to be found. Some large areas of DIY or online, as our shopsites, offer.

Then between CFL and LED, how to find?

Are CFLs or LEDs Better 2

The “Plus” of LED Lamps

  • Instant ignition,
  • insensitivity to the repeated ignitions and low temperatures,
  • the CFLs superior resistance to shocks,
  • give off very little heat, and remain cold,
  • a virtually unlimited lifespan that varies from 50 000 to 100 000 hours (is 5 times more than a CFL)
  • ideal for punctual lighting (bedside light, night light, Garland…)

Are CFLs or LEDs Better 3

The “Least” of LED Lamps

  • a limited light beam,
  • a rendering of the colors average, although this point has been greatly improved in recent years,
  • little high power available on the market,
  • prices that remain very high to buy, even if in use, the LEDs are extremely profitable,
  • If they contain no mercury, LED lamps are made of electronic circuits; they must be collected at the end of life for their recycling.

Are CFLs or LEDs Better 4

The future of the bulbs, LED bulbs

Manufacturers are constantly improving performance of LEDs which are presented as light sources for the future of home lighting.

But today these bulbs are still essentially reserved for decorative use or fill light while the CFLs can replace the “classic” almost everywhere, although it is best to avoid putting them in places of brief stint (corridor) or unheated.

At present, flucompactes lamps and LEDs cannot replace all incandescent bulbs, although in the years to come, advances in technology allow it.